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5 people who should be reminded we’re no longer enslaved this Fourth of July


America. Land of the free. Home of the … culturally insensitive?

Six months into the year and there have been enough racially-charged public occurrences to discuss at kickbacks for the rest of the year. The birthday of this country’s independence, July 4th, is upon us. As you head out tomorrow to various BBQs, family visits and fireworks shows, remember these folks that seem to have forgotten that everyone living in this country is free — physically, anyway. Mental slavery is a different conversation…

1. Donald Sterling



For the most part, Sterling seemed pretty unapologetic for his comments about his mistress, V. Stiviano “associating with black people.” He took very little responsibility for his words and his actions. Just in the manner he speaks about minorities, it’s obvious he has some sort of deeply-rooted disdain for people of color.

2. Janelle Ambrosia



You remember this lady — the “concerned” mother who repeatedly called a man in his vehicle the n-word for over four minutes? Apparently in a radio interview after the incident, Janelle said that she is not racist and that she has a black cousin. And what exactly does that mean? Perhaps this black cousin should remind her that public displays of racism won’t get you very far.

3. Paula Deen



Ms. Deen is another fan of the n-word. This incident may have taken place last year, but it still feels fresh. Do you remember the things she said during the court deposition — joking about possibly hiring an all-black wait staff for her son’s wedding? No, thanks.

4. Rush Limbaugh



Recently, the talking head of conservative radio referred to black Mississippi voters as “uncle Toms.” To him, these black voters were hypocrites for voting in a GOP primary, resulting in U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran’s win in the primary runoff election.“I thought it was the worst thing you can do, as an African American, to vote for a Republican — the absolute worst thing that you could do!”

5. Justin Beiber



I think it’s safe to say Justin Beiber’s black card has been revoked after not one, but two videos of him telling racist jokes were leaked. It’s rather unfortunate considering the alliances he’s made with some heavy hitters in hip-hop like Baby and his mentor, Usher. I wonder if he’s still cool with Floyd Mayweather…

Who else should be on this list?