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Fabolous and Emily B.’s cutest family photos

Fabolous Emily B family Instagram 15

Oftentimes, we see rappers hanging around beautiful women, popping bottles in the club, and traveling to exotic places, but a few good men also like to show off their families. Brooklyn rapper Fabolous and girlfriend Emily B. are the perfect example. While Fab has a very flirtatious persona and appeals to the ladies, he already has a lady at home, but she’s no housewife. A fashion celebrity in her own right, Emily B. shares tons of photos of her children, Taina and Johan aka Joso all the time and occasionally we see a cute couples photo from their outings without the kids. Fabolous also loves to share photos as he watches his son develop his traits, and his step-daughter grow into a beautiful young woman. Taina, who may not be Fabolous’ biological daughter, loves him just the same and loves to share photos of intimate family moments, as well.

We love seeing hip-hop families on Instagram! Take a look at Fabolous and Emily B.’s cutest family photos.