Rich neighbors call police on Flavor Flav over fireworks show


Everyone knows that rap pioneer and Public Enemy member Flavor Flav is outrageous. From his reality TV shows to his fried chicken restaurant franchise, Flavor Flav likes to do it big. So this July Fourth holiday he was planning to have a big party. His neighbors witnessed a truck drop off four pallets stacked 4 feet high full of fireworks. Among his fellow mansion owners, this did not go over very well. According to Finisterre Homeowners Association board member Harold Ewing, neighbors were terrified to leave their homes because they feared their houses would catch on fire.

In the past, Flavor Flav has had illegal fireworks at his home and has clashed with his neighbors because of it. Flavor Flav has been setting off illegal fireworks since 2009 with large parties, and this year, according to TMZ, the party was smaller with a little more than 100 attendees. TMZ reported Flav was going to light the fireworks off all at once, in hopes of avoiding police attention. He even was using a police scanner to monitor the area.

By the time police arrived, Flav only had about 100 pounds left of the massive amount of fireworks that he started with. The police cited him for two violations of fireworks ordinances. Flav has promised to move his traditional party in the future. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to go to jail for fireworks. … We all had a ball until the police came.”

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