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Keke Wyatt admits she misses Nicci Gilbert

Keke Wyatt - 2nd Reunion Cover

Last week’s episode of the “R&B Divas Atlanta” reunion was definitely an explosive event, thanks to drama with Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone and LaTavia Roberson. But a new preview of tonight’s episode reveals that some of the drama will be stirred by producer and former cast mate Nicci Gilbert, whose name brings up some heated discussion between the remaining cast mates.

In the preview clip, host Wendy Williams asks Keke Wyatt if she misses Gilbert, who left the show after two seasons over her numerous feuds with the cast and her beef with the show’ other producers.

“I do and I love Nicci and Nicci is my friend to me,” Wyatt explained. “Just because her and ‘Leena aren’t friends doesn’t make she and I not friends.”

However, Monifah didn’t share that same thought and when Williams asked if she missed Gilbert as well, Monifah refused to answer, instead she sat in silence, implying that she still has issues with Gilbert.

When Wyatt questioned Monifah’s reaction, Monifah snapped back at Wyatt, explaining, “I’m keeping my feelings to myself. Thank you!” Monifah snapped.

“Don’t come for me!” Wyatt replied.

“I’m not coming for you but that was a lot. I have mixed feelings,” Monifah responded.

Well, it’s clear that some of those bridges Gilbert burned last season still haven’t been repaired. It’s also clear that Williams knows just what to say to get these ladies riled up for ratings. – nicholas robinson