Troy Ave explains signing with T.I.’s Hustle Gang


With reports surfacing last week that Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave, is all but officially signed to T.I.’s Hustle Gang roster, some fans have been critical of the move by Troy. With Troy being from New York City, many don’t understand why he would align himself with an Atlanta rap star and label. But in an interview with the Bay Area’s 94.1, Ave was asked about the situation and he explained to Bootleg Kev why people shouldn’t be too preoccupied with regionalism.

“I’m still independent,” Troy said in regards to his status. “It’s funny you ask me that, I just got off the phone with Tip. We were kicking it for like an hour not too long ago. We’re trying to figure things out right now but I’m still 100 percent independent. But it’s got a good ring to it. Don’t it? Troy Ave, Iggy and T-i-p? Right, right, it sounds like a good move.”

Ave went on to admit that he did feel some initial apprehension about the move.

“I was actually thinking about that. I was conflicted,” he said. “I was like, ‘Damn, my whole campaign I’ve been so New York and from the streets — I’m like, how’s it going to look if I team up or I sign with a southern rapper? T.I. is arguably the “King of the South.” But I was thinking about it, 50 Cent went and signed with Dr. Dre and Eminem. That put him on. They’re from the West Coast and Detroit.”

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