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‘Game of Thrones’ fan makes house sigil for all 50 states


If you’re a true “Game of Throne”’ fan, it’s going to be a long wait until next season. But we all know a true fan needs a little “Game of Thrones” fix from time to time, and there is now one available. A super-fan known as “boo-gay has created a ‘House’ sigil for all 50 states and it’s awesome. The developer is quoted as telling the website UpRoxx “I either used the state’s motto, tweaked the motto, went by the state slogan, or made a play on the state’s nickname or popular saying.”

Now his house sigil by state has gone viral, and with a good reason for true “Game of Thrones” fans. To find your house sigil, start by clicking the image below:


House Alabama

Click image to find your state’s Game of Thrones house sigil