Stevie J accuses Benzino of attacking Joseline Hernandez

Benzino, Stevie J & Joseline Cover

All week long, fans have been talking about the infamous brawls that happened at the recent taping for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” And although many reports claim that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are responsible for most of the fights, Stevie J recently spoke out about the matter and claimed that he takes issue with his former best friend, Benzino, saying that his actions were worse because he allegedly tried to hit Hernandez.

Earlier this week, Stevie J held an interview with Hot 97 radio host Ebro about the fights and said that Benzino tried to get involved with Hernandez’s fight with his fiancée, Althea Heart. In Stevie’s eyes, Benzino should have just let the women deal with their issues on their own.

“It’s just like if the chicks … if it’s h– business, let the h– handle the h– business. This show business, n—-s shouldn’t even be, dudes shouldn’t be involved when chicks got problems. Let the girls handle that. From day one, when I first heard gangsta, gangsta business they just let the broads handle broad business. … When a dude jumps into broad business, then he might as well be a broad,” he said.

Stevie then claims that Benzino even went so far as to throw a punch at Hernandez.

“It ain’t him trying to break it up … he trying to throw punches at chicks,” said Stevie. “Yeah, he threw a punch at Joseline. You know what I’m saying, that’s not cool. … You 50, she’s 24. If she goin’ at your chick, let the girls go.”

Not surprisingly, Stevie says that he and Benzino are no longer friends.

“You know, I thought so too,  but once he tried to put his hands on my chick … I can’t be his friend … I don’t wanna be associated with someone that wants to hit girls,” said Stevie.

Well, we definitely won’t be surprised when these two couples throw each other shade online and during the next season of the show. – nicholas robinson

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