Dame Dash disses Kanye: ‘He doesn’t look back to the people that helped him’

Singer Damon Dash departs during a break in closing arguments in the money laundering trial of [Irvi..

Dame Dash is known for speaking his mind. The former hip-hop mogul has recently called out industry heavyweights like Steve Stoute and Lyor Cohen. Dash is now turning his sights to hip-hop superstar Kanye West; with Dash speaking about West in a recent interview with Shade 45’s VIP Saturdays. Dash was instrumental in Kanye’s early career, and the former Roc-A-Fella CEO admitted that he was angry with Kanye over the star’s lack of support for Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the label co-founder who was recently incarcerated on a number of charges including drug trafficking.

“Kanye didn’t have the survival skills that he has to have,” he said. “Kanye’s built completely different than everyone in Roc-A-Fella. Also, I’m a little tight with Kanye cause he hasn’t reached out to Biggs. I don’t like that s–t. So, Kanye holler at me. I don’t like that. It’s terrible. Biggs was the one that really was like ‘Yo Dame, pay attention to what Kanye’s doing. Make sure you send him that music.’ You know what I mean? So, it’s just not—No one’s reaching back. And I just…certain n—as have. And that’s why I’m not calling everybody up, but Kanye hasn’t. And he hasn’t checked on his kid. He hasn’t checked on his family. No trial, none of that. And the s–t I’m hearing him complain about is irrelevant. Based on the fact that he doesn’t look back to the people that helped him…I gotta have a conversation with him.”

Dash has previously spoken about his dissatisfaction with Bigg’s former “friends” not supporting him during this time. “I’m not too satisfied with the support of other people that he’s looked out for over the years. I’m not happy with that,” Dash told Sway back in April. “I’m really disappointed in the core of people.”

During his interview with Shade 45, Dame also talked about upcoming projects with Cam’ron and Pusha T.

“I’m about to direct a movie with Cam for Percentage. I’m about to do a movie with Pusha T with Snitch,” Dash said. “I’m about to really get my creative on right now. That’s what I’m about. And then the Poppington clothes. That’s my cut-and-sew.”

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