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News » NYPD places father of 6 in chokehold for selling cigarettes, he dies

NYPD places father of 6 in chokehold for selling cigarettes, he dies

Eric Garner

Eric Garner

By now, many people have heard the story of Eric Garner. Garner, 43, was a married father of six children and two grandchildren, was killed last week by New York City police officers. The community is outraged by his death and it was caught on video. In the video Garner is confronted by police who claim he was selling cigarettes illegally. He is heard protesting that he was not doing anything; even witnesses can be heard stating that he was not selling anything.

Despite the statement of people around the scene and no evidence, the cops decide to arrest Garner. A violent altercation ensues and Garner is put into a chokehold, which is against police policy. The cops slam his head into the ground and he can be heard saying “I can’t breathe.” Within a few minutes, Garner is dead.

An investigation has been launched by the NYPD Internal Affairs Department into the circumstances surrounding Garner’s death. The New York Daily News has reported that a Detective Howard from NYPD Internal Affairs told family members from the hospital “I’m sorry for your loss … because there is wrongdoing.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network have become involved in this latest incident of police brutality.

The video of the arrest can be viewed below.



  1. sugarbutterbean on July 21, 2014 at 10:39 am

    this is a prime example of the poor training cops recieve , they think all black people should be put in a catagory of violent , there is a fear among young white cops with black men …. some of these cops come straight out the military where killing is legal ,and land on the streets and right in the police acadamy.. with post tramatic stress disorder, and depression bouts , some are even on medication for pshychoisis .. and they still get a badge to be put out here on the streets to protect and serve us?? how the hell is what i just saw protecting and serving any dam body .. IF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DONT START FORCEING THESE POLICE ACADEMYS TO TRAIN COPS BETTER , AND MAKE THEM SENSITIVE TO PEOPLE WITH HEALTH , CONDITIONS SUCH AS MENTALLY ILL or real over weight sick or people proun to heart attacks , this man was clearly tired of all the harrassments and wass not trying to go to jail, with no evidence that he did anything , ,even if he was selling cigarettes , they should have just tasered him and been done with it .. until he fell down then put on hand cuffs , but to rasel him to the grouund like this is an outrage , and im glad rev sharpton and his family is seeking justice .. one of them said hes breathing , i know they gone wish he was breath.. someone gonna lose a job over this … no doubt bout that .. choke holds is illegal for one .
    white cops are a dangerous species , they need to be forece to take a test on civil rights and descrimination and the questions should be hard , were most cant even pass it .. to get a badge .. . most white cops lack any type of communication or friendship to black people , most didnt grow up around blacks . . most citys are racially divided black , cuban , latino , indians , in one area whites in another look at detroit for instance … new york was real bad in the 1970s and back ..
    this is murder, not justice murder . and if you keep letting cops get away with it its only gonna getworst ,, police jobs is the only place they can get away with blantant racisim. the internal revenue is nothing but a mediator , they are on the cops side usually,, so dont rely on them at all .. this needs to go to congress so laws can be passed . period

  2. sugarbutterbean on July 21, 2014 at 10:45 am

    AL SHARPTON . suppose to have some clott in the white house , he get asked to dinners etc .. and if you notice he rarely march on injustice issues anymore its rare .. he is the biggest uncle tom kiss but around .. this deserves a hugh rally in new york for racial equality .. those little young rookie cops is the worst ones and female cops are horrific .. no trainng at all . just put on the dam streets

  3. sugarbutterbean on July 21, 2014 at 11:03 am

    THEY WOULD NEVER!! HAVE rasceled a white man down to the ground like this , even the ones they catch who committ massive killings like the fool in springs texas who killed the whole family up 3 weeks ago .. they showed a video of his arrest and even when they apprehended him it was done with dignity , and if anyone deserves to been thrown to the ground it was his ass.. he killed innocent children .. they treated this black man worst than they treated a massive spree killer !!!!!!!!! a fuckkinnn out rage and a shame .

    and they call this justice? this man was executed in front of witnesses ,even .. and they call this justice , who were they protecting / ? who saw the man with cigarettes even>?

    a thief and a massive killer are totally different , some people steal to feed their babies , so why should anyone throw them on the ground , causing a heart attack?

    there goes at least 50 million from the city budget for this one . and rightfully so this was murder not justice . THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ANY OF OUR SONS BROTHER OR FRIEND ..DONE THIS WAY , AND FOR HIS FAMILY TO PLAY THIS BACK AND LOOK MUST BE DEVASTATING … thats the one thing i like about social media and cell phones the police can no longer cover their deeds . its all on camera , when they walked up on the scene , they saw this man was over weight . and could be in poor health . sometime mentally challenged people are killed this way to .. just cause they black the cops fail to look at the person .. to see who they are , and what may be causing the issues ……………. lets just pray for this family to heal ,it want bring him back but it will stand up for us all anyone want to sign a petition to go to congress and change the laws of the police academy training email me at

    [email protected] attention sugar b. LETS GET MOVING HERE !!

  4. We The People on July 21, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    The officer that first approached the man accusing him of selling cigarettes should lose his badge also! Racist pieces of shit!

  5. We The People on July 21, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    This is yet another example that the MAJORITY of cops are BAD and there is in fact only a very small percentage of good cops! Not vice versa as the media would like for people to believe

  6. sugarbutterbean on July 21, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    and just think ? zimmerman had got turned down for the police academy? cause he was too fat wow what is that saying to us .? there are hundreds of zimmermans on the police force in this country . walking in the door for a job like they applying to flipp frys at macdonalds that is how fast they hire them . they give them a half ass test to pass and a physical test that is sort of hard but a child can pass? and they give them one of the highest authoritys in our country a badge to protect the citizens and streets ,but they misuse this badge by spewing hate and fears of blacks , how the hell call you expect a white boy from oklahoma who had no black innteraction , no black neighbors and no black friends , and a host of kkk meetings held in every town in oklahoma and texas .. to be able to administer the law fairly , wow they are kidding right …
    this si a tragedy in america for real

  7. Laura McDonald on July 21, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    The Police killed that man and there’s no other way to say it.