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Turntable Tuesdays: Spin Doctor DJ Craig Elliott Beats

craig elliott

“Curator of audible eargasms” is the best way to describe the soundscapes of DJ Craig Elliott.

For two decades, Elliott has been a purveyor of Chicago nightlife. Over that time the brand name of Craig Elliott has become synonymous with class, diversity, comfort, and all around good music. Though to some his tenure on the turntables may be recent, Elliott grew up with legendary DJs such as The Twilite Tone, George Perry & Mike Dearborn, and Ron Trent, so getting acclimated behind the wheels was only a matter of time.

“I believe your music should not just be played but heard and felt,” Elliott says. “Whether it’s classic music or new flavors, if the DJ can’t feel it, then how will the crowd? Music videos and marketing have too often too people what they should like. The DJ’s have lost the ability to truly be an influencer of the audience. I want to give this experience back to the people!”

Check out five of Craig Elliott’s current favorites to spin after the jump.

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