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Georgia governor shocked as 1,154 immigrant kids sent to state


In a move that has taken the state of Georgia by surprise, it was announced yesterday that almost 1,154 immigrant minor detainees have been settled in Georgia. This action comes in response to the flood of thousands of children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally to escape poverty and violence in Central America.

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia was outraged at the government’s decision to place the  immigrant children in Georgia throughout the last 6 months. According to Gov. Deal, his office was never notified of the federal government’s action. According to the AJC, Deal only learned that the immigrant detainees were in Georgia this past week. Apparently Deal was on a conference call with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell when he got the news. In response, Deal wrote a letter to President Obama which states in part, “It is unconscionable that your administration failed to pick up the phone, email or send a letter to my office to inform us that these children were being sent to our communities … These are communities that must provide support to these children and families as they wait the appropriate adjudication of their immigration status.”

There was no immediate response from the Obama administration regarding the letter. The issue of immigration and minor children has become a hot button issue. When it comes to resettlement, the federal government is not using state agencies or resources, instead it has turned to nonprofit charities to provide support and housing for the immigrant detainees. One such charity organization is the Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes , which is currently operating group homes for the detainees.


  1. sugarbutterbean on July 25, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    lord atlanta will look like LITTLE MEXICO IN ABOUT 4 YEARS WATCH .. THOSE KIDS WILL BRING MORE mexicans there to find jobs and support their cousins ikids .. yall think finding a job is hard how you better pack and head to california! mexicans will increase the budget for their communities only .. like they do in texas and california they dont work for blacks and they dont mixx with blacks … so you can for get adopting on of them … they are real territorial and trust me they will run the GAYS OUT THE CITY SO BIG TIME . AND JOBS WILL BE NULL AND VOIDE FOR BLACKS …

    as soon as georgia give them food stamps and housing blacks will be forced to leave the city … trust me around 5 to 8 years will be a mess ..

  2. sugarbutterbean on July 25, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    I THINK THE MEXICANS PLOT THIS WELL you notice they used children ? cause if this had been adults they would have been shipping them back over there but you cant send kids with no identitie back over there make since to me .. they are trying to take over and they clearly misunderstood obamas statement he said any child born on american soil would have a chance of getting a green card than anyone ,coming over here illigally , obama is pissed bout now cause , he dont know either what to do .. this has caught all of us off guard . texas is flooded with illegals already now georgia is gonna be too. california got a bunch of them too. and chicago .. it looks like there were more than they first stated they said it was 2500 now looking at how they divided it its more like 4000 of them or more . wow look out new orleans your next

  3. lrush on July 27, 2014 at 12:26 am

    This is saddening, Im speechless just like everyone else