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Karrueche Tran flosses her bikini body in Miami


Karrueche shows off her bikini body in Miami

“Hello Miami” Karrueche Tran declared as she shared a series of sexy snaps via Instagram, highlighting her recent trip to Florida.


The rising style star hit the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida over-the-weekend, showcasing her beach body in a sexy white ‘kini with black trimming. Tran, who weeks ago broke down over the drama she has faced due to her high profile relationship with R&B superstar Chris Brown, was nothing but smiles as she soaked up some fun in the sun with friends.

“Living life to be happy cause that’s the way it’s supposed to be Did that sound corny? Lol” she wrote.

For more photos of Tran’s fun in Florida, hit the flip. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie


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