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‘On The Run Tour’ official D’usse afterparty in Chicago: Where’s Jay Z?


Many a Chicagoan dubbed Thursday as the unofficial (or official?) “Bey Day” in Chicago. The “On The Run Tour” finally landed in the Windy City and the official afterparty was held at The Shrine located downtown.

I’ve never considered myself a “Stan” for “Queen Bey,” as her devout fans and followers refer to her, so I purposely skipped on copping tickets. But I’ve been told her live performances, especially this one with beau Sean Carter, have been particularly prodigious.

The show in Chicago seemed to have lasted an eternity – I’m still not sure of the real length, but somewhere in the two to four hour time span of the concert, it was decided that, “it’s a 50 percent chance Jay [will be showing to the after party].” Beyoncé’s confirmation of appearance was “off the record” from jump. Ok.

Apparently, something occurred that deterred the D’usse ambassador from appearing at the official afterparty. And of course if Jay wasn’t there, neither was ‘Yonce. Bummer supreme.

However, there were a few Chicago socialites present. Baller Anthony Davis slipped in, Israel Idonije, even some recording artists. Event coordinator/promoter Sue Barakat was present, representing Gaza in the midst of the current Palestinian crisis – that was dope. Sounds were provided by DJs Sean Mac and Charles Protege.

The event was the result of a lot of hard work and hustling – that was obvious. The Shrine was eloquently decorated and extra fancy like never before; it’s just a shame that the folks everyone was waiting for never showed! But people are exhausted, especially being on tour. I get it.

Inquiring minds want to know: what “incident” occurred that prevented the two from appearing?

Check the photos below.


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  1. Likewaterforchoc on July 28, 2014 at 11:58 am

    It could just be the fact that “it’s Chicago” that kept them from attending. Let’s not pretend that the climate in Chicago is not abnormally crazy right now. I actually see a dude throwing up a gang sign in one of the pics in this picture gallery.