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Lil Wayne won’t be managing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo?

Lil Wayne - 2013

The news broke last week that rapper Lil Wayne had launched a sports management company and would be handling soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s sports management and business dealings in the United States. Wayne’s team was expected to handle branding, marketing, modeling and endorsement deals for Ronaldo; who posted a photo on Instagram of him displaying the YMCMB sign.

But it looks like either the information was false or, at best, fairly misleading. Ronaldo tweeted that he won’t be making changes to his personnel.

“There have been news about changes on my management team,” the Portuguese star tweeted this weekend. “It’s all false, and I can assure the team is — and will be —  the same.”

Following Ronaldo’s tweet, a rep for YMCMB reportedly reached out to TMZ to clarify matters. While Ronaldo and Wayne will be working together on a project set to be revealed this week, Ronaldo will not be firing any of his current team members or his current management. Wayne and his company will still oversee marketing and branding for Ronaldo and certain aspects of sports management for the athlete.

It all seems very vague, but it stands to reason that more will be cleared up on the reveal of this week’s project. Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes operates GestiFute and PolarisSports, a company that is affiliated with CAA. Wayne will be working with both organizations on Ronaldo’s behalf.

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  1. butterbeansuga on July 28, 2014 at 12:43 pm

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