Mike B.’s Kiddie Confessionals T-shirts making nostalgia iconic


How has fashion styling prepared you for this business venture?
I not only style my clients, I communicate with them, we talk and Kiddie Confessionals gives them their own identity because it allows them to express fun sentiments from their childhood when everything in their lives was much simpler.

Where can your designs be purchased?
At www.kiddieconfessionals.com and Harlem Haberdashery in New York

What designer inspires you to create?
Public School NYC because I came up in this industry with the founders and I’m proud of what they’ve done with their brand.

Describe the vision for your line.
We really want to push the limits with Kiddie Confessionals and eventually bring back signature pieces from the retro eras like the leather Member’s Only style jackets, clean ribbed mock necks, tailored denim and the pure precision of the ’80s hip hop era. New Edition never missed in those early years; they were always crisp. We also can’t wait until we can launch Kiddie Con events!

What should people take away from wearing your T-shirts?
We want people to know nostalgia is sexy, a lifestyle. It’s not something that’s fleeting because we’ll always be influenced by our icons, and just discussing fun memories from childhood uplifts the spirit. We want people to feel good.

What type of material do you use to create?
The T-shirts are 100 percent pima cotton because it’s soft and it feels good on the body, it also holds its structure after many washes. It doesn’t fade. When we launch the sweatshirts, they will be French terry with a cashmere blend.

What kind of models will you use to show your wares?
Everyday people. We don’t want to be too heavily invested in a supermodel culture where you have to look a certain way to be stylish. The greatest inspiration comes when I see how real people get creative with Kiddie Confessionals. But if Chanel Iman wants to come on board, she’s welcome! [Laughs].

Why are T-shirts your first foray into the fashion business?
It’s a great production tool because iconic tees live forever and remain classic pieces.

What three tips can you share with anyone considering designing a T-shirt line?
1. Try to design something that you’re passionate about because most likely someone else will have a connection to your passion.

2. Have a great relationship with your graphic designer and printer.

3. Be very careful about distribution, when you’re beginning, selling online is best because you lose a lot of money trying enter into the retail market.

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