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Claire Sulmers’ fashion Instagram photos

Claire Sumers Instagram fashion 18

When we talk about beautiful natural girls in the fashion game, who could forget Claire Sulmers? The ultimate fashionista and editor-in-chief of the popular Fashion Bomb Daily blog is rarely missed at the industry’s biggest fashion events, and when she does step out, she looks amazing! When Sulmers isn’t dishing on the biggest stars in and around the fashion scene, she is creating her own fashion excursions which she documents on her own site The Bomb Life. Most of us could only dream of wearing some of the top designer fashions with each coming season, but Sulmer shows you that’s it’s possible to be a beautiful fashionable black woman and thrive in the fashion industry.

Take a look our recent favorite fashion photos from Claire Sulmers’ Instagram.


  1. sugarbutterbean on July 30, 2014 at 6:22 am

    knock knock .. are you there ? rolling out shut the fuk up i know you aint saying this girl has fashion who does she dress SOLANGE , KESHIA COLE , CINDY LOPER ., BOY GEORGE .? COOLIO.? FUTURE? this article makes you have more appreciation for KENYA WEST WACKY CLOTHLINE .. im sorry but my opinion is shes not very stylish her hair looks atroicious and the clothes look kmart , walmart, and thrift store created .. i can go to my reassignment store and find every thing she wore and that batheing suit omg …

    dont know who she is , and dont want to know

  2. sugarbutterbean on July 30, 2014 at 6:23 am

    DONT GET ME wrong i like to see a plus size woman with confidence if shes not to fat . she is rather curvy some men like this size .but NO NO NO