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Some say that Jersey City, New Jersey, native DJ YRS or Young Riot Squad Jerzy, is the next in line to become one of the leading DJs in the industry.
Jerzy first got behind the turntables at the age of 17 after being highly influenced by Funk Master Flex, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Drama. “Funk Flex was just the king in New York City and I couldn’t go a day without hearing him on the radio. DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series is amazing and I admire how the industry praises him. DJ Whoo is dope too and when G-Unit took off, it was crazy the mixtapes he put out,” Jerzy explains.
With a couple mixtape series (Jerzy’s Evolution and Beats 4 Da Trap with producer Lex Gunna) beginning to pick up momentum, Jerzy feels his time is now. In addition to the mixtape series, his incredible work ethic affords him the time to manage up-and-coming artist Chox-Max, and run the promotions department at Philadelphia indie label SKE Records.

Currently, Jerzy has tracks spread across the Internet with some of his music being featured on thesource.com, allhiphop.com, hiphopdx.com hiphopsince1987.com, Respect magazine and more. We recently caught up with him to have him answer the ro 10.

Who was your musical idol and why?

I idolized everyone I grew up listening to from Jay Z to Snoop Dogg and many others. I feel like every hip-hop legend deserves all the credit that they get. Russell Simmons, Diddy and other executives as well. What they did changed the world and I know it wasn’t easy to do. They were working hard everyday to get to where they are at now and I feel like I’m doing similar things right now.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard your song on the radio?
I do. The first station that ever played my artist locally was Foxy 99 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Once they started playing tracks the whole city began to get in tuned to what we were doing. I feel like things are going to get better and better from now on. There are too many people that support us and we have the talent and grind to make it.
What’s the best thing about being an artist?
The best thing is that you can easily connect with people through what you create. There are so many artists out there that are making a lot of moves and just need that one person to see what they are doing. One day, I know I’ll be at the top of the game. I just have to stay consistent and keep doing bigger things.
What’s the worst thing about being an artist?
The worst thing would be having to deal with certain people in the industry that don’t really want to see you make it. You just have to keep pushing and prove them wrong. Once I really make a break into the industry everyone will see what I was trying to build from the start. No one can really tell you anything from that point.
Name one song that you wish you wrote?
I wish I wrote Pharrell’s “Happy” song. That track is everywhere. I know he is getting paid from that every second. “Happy” connected with the people on a global level and that’s why it had so much success. I’d love to meet Pharrell one day and see what we could work on musically.
Tell me about your song/album/project?
Right now i’m promoting the single “Throwed Song” with my people Plex Long and Chox-Mak. It’s getting a lot of great feedback online. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play, and basically anywhere you can buy music. Make sure to go out and support that. It’s quality music for the people. It’s one of the top tracks that we have released.
How do you use social media to your advantage?
There’s plenty of ways I use social media. I like to build a certain type of persona for myself. I want the public to really get in tuned with the music and support. I always like to get feedback on everything we do. I like people to just be honest with me and let me know what they like or not.
What is your creative process like?
I just do whatever comes to my mind at the time. I don’t really know how I come up with a beat. I just do it. It just comes from out of no where and if it sounds right, then that’s what it is. I just stay focused and keep working and new projects will always be in the works.
Name one thing fans would be surprised to know about you?
People would be surprised to know about how I got to where I’m headed. I always had a hardworking mentality and the people see it now. I guess you would be surprised that I watch a lot of movies, play video games and do regular everyday things. I’m always working but I make time to do what I feel.
Any closing thoughts or final words?
My only closing thoughts or final words is for everyone to remember my name. You’re gonna see [it] over and over again in the very near future.
Check out the track “Throwed Song”  by Chox-Mak Feat. DJ YRS Jerzy’s on his soundcloud page.
Follow DJ YRS Jerzy Chox (@IAMDJYRSJEZY), Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) and “Throwed Song” producer Tevflonn (@YoTevv_) on twitter.
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