Is Tiny ready to end her beef with Floyd Mayweather?

Tiny & Floyd Mayweather - Cover

Former friends Tiny and Floyd Mayweather have been at odds for months ever since Tiny’s husband, T.I., began a violent beef with Mayweather over allegations that Mayweather slept with Tiny. Although both stars denied an affair, even after claims that Mayweather admitted otherwise, Tiny has been noticeably distancing herself from Mayweather, even shunning him at the BET Awards. Now, Tiny claims that she’s finally ready to squash her beef with Mayweather.

TMZ reporters caught Tiny on the street for an impromptu interview and asked her if she would do a joint album with T.I.

“You should tell him, you guys are friends now,” she replied with a grin.

And when asked if there’s any chance to squash her beef with Mayweather, Tiny threw her hands in the air and replied, “Hopefully.”

Well, judging from the interview, it looks like there’s still some bad blood to be dealt with between the three. But we at least hope that Tiny and T.I. can settle all of their differences. – nicholas robinson

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