Tracee Ellis Ross talks feminism, love for ‘Upscale Magazine’


Tracee Ellis Ross is aging so gracefully. ‘Tis true: black don’t crack. At all.

The daughter of legendary entertainer Diana Ross graces the latest cover of Upscale Magazine and talks about a few things most women obsess over: love, femininity and, of course, the booty.

As it pertains to love and relationships, Ross offered some tips that sound like they were gleaned from personal experience.

“Any one rule [as in romantic relationships] that people think works everywhere is just not true. In general, with everything it’s an intimate discovery of trusting yourself and allowing yourself the room to have curiosity about life and self,” said Ross.

She also spoke about her definition of being black and what it took for her to learn to love her body. In so many words, Ross says you can’t really define blackness or what it means to be black.

“What is blackness? What is being black? Who defines that and do we need to define that? I don’t have the answers to all of those questions but I think these are the conversations we’re all still having.”

That response sounded more like a roundabout way of saying, I don’t really have a thought- provoking response for that, so here’s my generalized answer. No?

Ross wrapped things up with a few remarks on her body and her famous rear:

“I’m proud of my body — I work very hard to keep my body at 41-years-old, because my booty could drop … gravity is not a joke.”

The August issue of Upscale Magazine is now available on newsstands.

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