Dame Dash slams Kanye again: ‘I don’t wanna hear about his problems’


Dame Dash aired out Kanye West last month over his belief that West hasn’t looked out for Dash’s former business partner and Ye’s mentor, Kareem “Biggs” Burke. Burke is doing five years in prison for drug dealing, and Dash reiterated recently that he doesn’t approve of Kanye turning his back on a man who helped him forge his career.

“I just think that Biggs did a lot for Kanye,” Dash told Complex. “He went out on the line, he fought for him. He was the one that made me fight for Kanye and I just hate the fact that people use us to make their dreams come true and then they act like they got so much respect, but in the times that count, what we were invested in, it was more than just music. It was about our support as a crew. That’s why we went all out for Kanye. We went all out for Kanye. I put Kanye out of situations where motherf–kers was going to straight rob him and I’d be like, ‘That ain’t happenin’,’ and walk out, and he can keep his chain out and everything, with no guns on us or nothing. There’d be people that really aggressively wanted to stop him from doing what he’s doing and we made sure that didn’t happen. And then we also made him go to Europe and all of that foundation, everything, every awareness he has is because me and Biggs made him aware of…even the a–hole thing. So the fact that, when Biggs is going through a defining moment, that he’s just completely not there is something that I just feel like…I’m seeing him everyday spending dough, but he’s not, just lookin’…and complainin’. And I’m like, ‘Yo man, you not lookin’ out for…’ This is the DNA of Roc-A-Fella. It was looking out for the people that were looking out for you and you ain’t done nothin’. That man has children and I guarantee you Biggs is mad at me for goin’ out like that, but I don’t care ’cause I’m sick of people doing that man and actin’ like its aight.”

“Again, the proper respect’s not paid but again he might not know no better,” Dash adds. “Maybe nobody’s teachin’ him, but I don’t wanna hear nothin’ about his problems unless he’s lookin’ out for the people that looked out for him. I don’t want him to give me no props, unless his actions need to speak like that. If he’s gonna be so vocal about what’s right or wrong then he needs to lead by example. Don’t be mad about the way you treated when you not treatin’ people right. That’s why nobody’s f–kin’ with him, if they not. I wouldn’t turn my back on any one of those people that didn’t look out for me because I’m not built like that. It’s not the gentleman thing to do. If that man was in trouble, I would still help him, but I’m not gonna sit here and not say nothin.'”

After voicing his displeasure with Yeezy, Dash said that he has no personal issue with the superstar.

“I ain’t got no beef with him,” Dash says. “I’m just sayin’ that’s just how I feel. That’s all. Ain’t no beef. Don’t turn it into that. It’s just how I feel about that, but I think the way he’s carried Biggs has discredited everything that he’s ever said in life, period. The way he carried Biggs. F–k how he carry me. But the way he carried Biggs is not honorable. So I don’t wanna hear about nothin’ else he got to say and that’s how I feel.”

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