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Music » Beyoncé’s background dancer addresses couple’s divorce rumors

Beyoncé’s background dancer addresses couple’s divorce rumors

Beyonce & Ashley Everett - Cover

As the weeks go by, stories of a trouble in Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage have intensified with many claiming that the superstar couple are on the brink of divorce. And although the couple has remained mum on the subject, Beyoncé’s background dancer, Ashley Everett, recently spoke out in their defense and claimed that their marriage is fine.

In an interview with The Insider, Everett claimed that the couple’s onstage chemistry during their “On The Run” tour is proof enough that their marriage, though not without its difficulties, is solid as a rock.

“It shows the love, it shows the affection. The love, the hate, the relationship. Real things that go on in relationships,” said Everett.

Everett also addressed Beyoncé’s Instagram posts about her family and she thinks fans are misinterpreting and ignoring the posts in order to believe the rumors that there’s trouble in paradise for the couple.

I think after a certain amount of time, there’s only so much a person can take. She’s expressed it through her art and through her music and that’s her outlet,” Everett said.

Well, something tells us that people are still going to be talking about a rumored breakup until the day the tour ends, but if what Everett says is true, then we doubt that the couple cares anyway. – nicholas robinson





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  1. butterbeansuga on August 4, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    really? who is this LADY SOMEONE KNOW ONE CARES ABOUT .HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE U AINT OPRAH . WITH ADVICE TO US … JEEEZZ BEYONCE AND JAY DONE PAYED SOMEONE ELSE TO DEFEND THEIR ACTIONS .. , i quest the fight in the elevator was fine to .. i quest blu ivys hair was fine to , i quest beyonce non guilt over firing her daddy due to some jayz said he did is fine to ? i quest beyonce acting like a slave to jayz commands is fine to .. or her stealing people music and calling it her own . is fine to .. or is it that fake marriage with photos and all but no real nuptials is fine to/? look lady shut up …. it is what it is … something they created started all the speculation IF THEY WERE A REGULAR COUPLE THEY WOULD NOT BE FINE . CHEATERS ARE NOT FINNNNNNE OK .. if he cheated on her and there is evident he did something . if that little boy who he is claiming is not his son . is really his son dont that mean he will go to any extreme to prove he is not the monster we all know he is .. she cleaned up his questionable dope dealing slapping women on YOU TUBE IMAGE .. JUST SO HE CAN TURN AROUND AND MUDDY IT BACK AGAIN .. BEYONCE IS WALKING UP A MUD SLIDE THE WRONG WAY …

    give up honey no one is judging you but you your fans will like you long when JAYZ IS GONE we can then see which one of you can hold your own ground . and really be that tupac, and tina turner you both seek to be