Pacman Jones lashes out at Ludacris: ‘When I see you …’


Atlanta rapper-actor Ludacris got on an NFL star’s bad side this week. Adam “Pacman” Jones got angry at Luda over an image the star posted on his Instagram account on Aug. 5. In the photo is a shot of Pacman wearing a neck brace, and it’s included in an Instagram collage of photos. The other pics include a group of men holding women on their shoulders in a swimming pool, with one of the women clearly overweight; and another photo that zooms in on the overweight woman. The final pic is the image of Jones wearing the neck brace with Ludacris adding the caption: “#nowthatisludicrous.

The image didn’t seem to mock Jones directly in as much as it seemed to make fun of the heavy woman on the man’s shoulders, but Jones took offense and blasted Luda from his own Instagram account.

“@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your a–,” Jones wrote. “…. Now post that #p—y.”

Ludacris hasn’t responded to Pacman’s threats.

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