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Pacman Jones lashes out at Ludacris: ‘When I see you …’


Atlanta rapper-actor Ludacris got on an NFL star’s bad side this week. Adam “Pacman” Jones got angry at Luda over an image the star posted on his Instagram account on Aug. 5. In the photo is a shot of Pacman wearing a neck brace, and it’s included in an Instagram collage of photos. The other pics include a group of men holding women on their shoulders in a swimming pool, with one of the women clearly overweight; and another photo that zooms in on the overweight woman. The final pic is the image of Jones wearing the neck brace with Ludacris adding the caption: “#nowthatisludicrous.

The image didn’t seem to mock Jones directly in as much as it seemed to make fun of the heavy woman on the man’s shoulders, but Jones took offense and blasted Luda from his own Instagram account.

“@ludacris nice post , now when I see you I’m beat your a–,” Jones wrote. “…. Now post that #p—y.”

Ludacris hasn’t responded to Pacman’s threats.


  1. butterbeansuga on August 7, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    ludacris is so annoying to me , of all the women he went an got a greedy snobby ethiopian to settle with , if you know anything bout their history they are the most prejudice people in africa continent , right behind nigerians , they come to american and hang in their little groups go to their churches and their belief is african americans are stupid and evil …. they teach their kids this … they will kill her if she try to take ludacrist over to their country and if she got family in the USA , they will dissassociate from her until she announce ludacris gone they hate rap music and their religion is very strict against marrying americans , she is an outcast , you never see her with her family …case in point ,, and you never see ludacrist traveling to her country with her …. he is miserable cause he didnt know this about her until he fell for her .. ITS A SERIOUS MATTER FOR ETHIOPIAN MEN TO SEE THEIR WOMEN WITH A AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN .. you might as well be a baboon…. they hat african american people … i know a lot about them . .the men will not even sleep with a african american woman and if they do its undercover and never heard of … you will not be seen in public with a ethiopian male they will literally disown you…

    so ludacrist got his own issues , that is why he has not married her period …
    her family will never approve of him , and hes a rapper too lol…

  2. butterbeansuga on August 9, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    poor ludacris he really got his work cute out this joker dont like african american women he got that ethipian cause she is not american . he is not cute to most american women we called him funny looking years ago when he first come out so he was no ones catch without the money so he knew this so he went to africa and got him one , well not went there but he picked her up from a club .. now he thinks he got a african queen instead