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Beyoncé shares new photo of Jay Z, Blue Ivy and more

Beyoncé shares new photo of Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Jay Z and Blue Ivy live the jet set life while the Queen B plays dress up in the latest series of Bey Instagram photos. Hit the flip for all the images below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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  2. butterbeansuga on August 9, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    i wish beyonce would stop trying mass her problems and be for real ., sometime money make people neglect the truth , from her astrange relationship with her daddy to her lax relationship with solange and her deep issued marriage she just show she is lonely and is not in touch with life . she miss so much on the road touring all these oprah shows and junk she let jayz mastermind a block between her and her whole family and that is why solange and him dont get along … beyonce is taking all these pictures cause she can control it .and place what she wants on line .. she dont float around in malls on streets where the paparazzi can seize opportunity she give you what she wants you to see.. and that is why no one knows exactly what happen with mathew . cause they were able to shove it under the rug … that incident could have bought her whole career to a hault .. but the fact no one like mathew is the reason , no one ever trusted him , since he put those girls farah and octavia and the other girl out the group and left kelly roland … beyonce bff .. those other girls have done well ,but the anger is there you dont see them , hanging with beyonce at all , and they want speak out about it unless beyonce dies , cause if they do their careers will never take off … some of them never did anything else since destiny c…. cause beyonce shunned them .. oprah and everyone shunned these girls no one want to talk to them about their being a part of destiny child its a shame ….
    beyonce father did not do this alone beyonce had a hugh say in who she wanted to jell with so they went and got a unknown ,, ugly chick and replaced all those pretty girls so beyonce could be the leader of the pack .. . ohhh yes look at how karma work , mathew and beyonce both are strugglin in the public now .. god dont like ugly and she can give away all the free money and charity she want … but look how long it took her to do that …. jayz is a greedy and he all about him … and he couldnt keep from cheating cause he is cheater period … that was gonna happen no matter .. people put beyonce on to high a pedostool . jayz is jealous of her popularity .. thats why he went in concert with her , he makes not that much money inconcert with kanye west .. or alone …. i dont like jayz cause he never knew his daddy , and he want to ruin beyonce connection with her dad …. dont matter if he did take some money hell he spend half his income securing her on the road and 5 other girls who had no money … and look at the pay back he gets from solange ole ugly ass too , that is why her and jayz made a fool out themselfves staging a fight … wow shows who she rolling with .. i bet you mathew could tell you a lot bout both of them .. that would shock you to your knees …
    and he is staying loyal cause that is his daughter and he dont want to do any more damage . but im surrrrr he hates jayz ,, you never see jayz and mathew iin the same room or events or concert WHAT A HORRIBLE THING TO DO TO YOUR WIFE NOW I SEE WHY RUMOR OF A DIVORCE IS PREVELANT , I BET HE DONE BEGGED HER TO STAY . HE WILL MAKE THINGS RIGHT … he betta start with her daddy cause a woman will never love a man , who takes her from her daddy he dont know what he f..uckin with now ……. ole camel face fool . . giggle

  3. butterbeansuga on August 9, 2014 at 9:26 pm