Hottest couple photos of Miguel and Nazanin Mandi

Miguel_Nazanin Mandi_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-1

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi are the picture perfect couple. Both boasting an exotic look and style to match, it is no wonder they love taking photos together. We aren’t sure how long they have been together, but they posted a few photos dating back to 2005. Whether they are strutting down a red carpet or just eating dinner in New York, these two are just adorable.

Miguel_Nazanin Mandi_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-3

Mandi posted, “#TB 2005… Thank you @anthonywilliams for capturing so many of our Teen moments… #NoGapHesHoldingSomething #SomeoneTellThatBiotchToTakeOutTheTackyBlueContacts #WhatWasIThinking

Check out more cute photos of Miguel and Nazanin Mandi in the gallery. –joi pearson @joiapearson

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