New proof Beyoncé and Jay Z may be headed for divorce?


Suffice to say that the majority of us don’t want to believe the rampant rumors of a looming divorce for Beyoncé and Jay Z after the On The Run tour ends, but boy do we keep getting small and subtle indicators that there may be some truth to the rumblings.

The latest fuel to the fire is a familiar one : lyric altering during live performances.

According to The Daily Mail, Beyoncé isn’t the only one that can switch up lyrics during her show. While performing his monster hit “Big Pimpin'” this past Tuesday in San Francisco, Jay reportedly changed up a few lines in the song, possibly as a sign to Bey that he doesn’t want their marriage to end.

In the beginning of the song Jay ends a bar with the proclamation  “…’cause I don’t f—–g need ’em,” but he mysteriously failed to utter the line this time. Some are speculating that this was a message to Beyoncé that he doesn’t want a future without her.

The On The Run tour ends next month in Paris, ironically where daughter Blue Ivy was conceived. Maybe the power couple will see the significance in this and decide to mend their marital issues…that is if there are really marital issues to mend.

One thing is for sure: fans will be on pins and needles until then.

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