Huggies vs. Pampers: Is 1 better than the other or does it really matter?


When parents are making the tough decision on which diapers will work best for their baby, it can be a lot like buying insurance. Normally you go with what your family and friends have, and you figure that if this particular brand worked for them, it will probably work for you.

By far, the two most popular diaper brands are Huggies and Pampers. In fact, since Procter & Gamble introduced Pampers in 1961 and Kimberly-Clark entered the marketplace in 1978 with Huggies, the two premium brands have remained the top two sellers.

So, which brand is better — Huggies or Pampers?

With only a few factors to make the comparison — cost, special benefits, my hope is that this will give moms the tools they need to make an informed decision. Also, I’m only going to take on one diaper from each brand. If you don’t know already, for each type of diaper there is a counter. For example, in the nighttime diaper category Huggies makes Overnites, while Pampers has Baby Dry. For this comparison, I’ll only present information about the newborn diapers – Little Snugglers made by Huggies and Swaddlers made by Pampers.


Let’s set the stage. On, a box containing 88 diapers:

Huggies Little Snugglers: $24.99

Pampers Swaddlers: $24.99

In fact, the prices are comparable across the board.

Special features

Huggies Little Snugglers – This brand’s stand out selling point is its six points of Little Snugglers diagramprotection for babies.

1)     Shaped to fit new babies

2)     Shaped for belly buttons

3)     Contoured shaped

4)     Wetness indicator

5)     Keeps runny messes in

6)     Flexible quilting inside

Pampers Swaddlers – The brand points out five major benefits.

1)     Blanket-like softness for comfort and protection

2)     #1 choice of hospitals (based on sales data)

3)     Wetness indicator

4)     Unique Absorb Away Liner

5)     Available up to size 6

Parents say…

About Huggies Little Snugglers

Love em – I’ve heard a lot of parents say how they prefer Huggies or Pampers and each has the same problem. I really think it depends on the baby and the diaper-er. I prefer the Huggies because the waistband is elastic-y and seems to conform to her better. We have had a couple blowouts, but I think that would have happened no matter what brand we used. I had problems with the Pampers because her urine would just run up the backside.

My husband especially likes the blue line wetness indicator because he’s never been around babies or children before and didn’t really know how to check a diaper. It’s fast and convenient and you don’t have to stick your finger into a wet diaper.
Happy parenting!  *

Best for Newborns – When we were at the hospital we were using a different brand of diapers and they do not measure up to how the newborn size “Little Snugglers” work. The best feature on these diapers is the umbilical cord cut-out. There is no folding down the diaper to have it fit around the belly button; the diaper is already designed for it!

The second feature that we love about these diapers is the wetness indicator. No longer do we have to take a sneak peak in the diaper to see if its time for a change. The yellow line turns to a deep blue to let us know right away that its time for a fresh diaper. *

Best diaper that I have ever tried – I love these diapers. Not only do these diapers have a wetness indicator, but they are also really soft. The thing I like most about the Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers is the cottony feel of the diapers and my baby boy seems to like them too, plus they have good absorbency. *

About Pampers Swaddles

Only diapers I trust for my little one – I started my daughter in these. After three months in these, I tried others but they were no match to Swaddlers. These are soft and absorbent. They have a good fit. Overall, I am confident wrapping her up in these. I triedpampersHuggies (the next best) but she had such bad case of diaper rash! And they aren’t half as absorbent or soft. These are expensive for sure but its a matter of a few months. I will save elsewhere (like eating out!). *

Great Diapers – No leaks or blowouts! Reasonably priced and good quality *

MommaEm- We love the Pampers Swaddlers. Even when our girl has a super wet night the diaper never leaks. She also has sensitive skin and we never have to worry about breakouts with Pampers.*

In the end, it really comes down to what works best for your baby. While researching, I noticed that moms liked and disliked both brands for the same reason. Others felt that the shape of their baby made the diaper fit better or worse. Some parents even prefer the smell of one diaper over the other.

The best thing to do is try them both.

Click on the link to get a free sample of Huggies,

Click on the link to get a free sample of Pampers,


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