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5 things to know about teen tennis star Madison Keys

Madison Keys

Even though she lost at the US Open yesterday in the second round, 19-year-old African American tennis star Madison Keys is on the rise. She is certainly a player to watch in the near future. Here are five things you should know about Keys.

  1. Madison Keys first made news at the age of 14, when she defeated the queen of tennis Serena Williams in a World Team Tennis match 5-1.
  2. No, she is not related to Alicia Keys, but perhaps she has a ready-made super fan as her fan base grows.
  3. She is proud to represent the United States of America and its tennis resurgence. “I definitely think there’s a big group of women and men, you know, right now that are slowly doing better and better, kind of making a name for U.S. tennis more and more. I’m really happy and honored to be one of the people that’s part of the big group.”
  4. She adores her fans. “I have been in those seats and I know what it’s like to be out there watching, be super excited, stay after a match and want an autograph and things like that. So for me, I want to be one of those people that can sign as many autographs as I can, take as many pictures as I can, because they’re part of the reason why I’m here. They’re the people that stay out there late and they watch my matches and cheer me on. Me taking five minutes out of my day to try to get to everyone, do as much as I can, it’s not that hard for me.”
  5. Keys won the first professional tournament of her career when she defeated Angelique Kerber in three sets at the Aegon International in Eastbourne, England, at the end of June.