Chicago artist Ceytra on her new single ‘Good Enough,’ and why sex sells


Chicago emcee Ceytra, born Tracey Iheme, is an artist with dreams and ambitions as large as her hometown.

To say that she has a unique story to tell would be an understatement. After all, there aren’t many hardcore female emcees with Nigerian roots on the scene. Add to that equation, that unlike most rappers of the day, Ceytra interjects real life experiences in her music. Whether it be struggling with her figure and dropping close to 100 pounds, or fighting to break through in a sexist industry, if it’s happening in her life you will hear it in her music.

Ceytra recently spoke with rolling out about her heartfelt new single “Good Enough,” her views on the idea that “sex sells,” and what she would say to little girls looking to be a part of the music industry.

What can you tell us about your new single “Good Enough?”
“Good Enough” is a very personal song for me because I literally poured my heart out. I talked about how I wasn’t good enough for a person that couldn’t see the potential I had to make him better. In every line I spit, everything I said was real. I wanted girls and women to be empowered by this song because it’s a situation I dealt with and something ‘we’ as women go through. I learned that men in the industry are no different from a regular guy who works a regular 9 to 5. And no matter how much you try motivate, be real or satisfy someone, sometimes it could never be enough.

What do you think of the notion that “sex sells” in relation to women in music and entertainment?
At first, I was really biased about promoting sex with music but I really think that’s what the industry does to make money. I used to think, ‘why do women have to promote sex to sell music? Why can’t people just love their music?’ In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with showing off a little skin. With my body type being more curvy, almost anything I wear people will think it’s too revealing,  like it’s promoting sex. I just don’t like how the industry treats us women as objects, like a toy. I think you can promote being sexy but still be classy about it.

Tell me about your album No Wahala?
My upcoming project No Wahala is jaw dropping. I’m making this project sound more like an album. “Wahala” means a problem, trouble or crazy. I want to show that with me as an artist … you don’t want no problems. I got to be myself and create something different than the norm in music and the production is beyond amazing. When it comes to the production, I’m always picky, but that makes it even more special. Every song sounds like a potential hit. I’m definitely using my hardcore Nigerian flair to show my versatility while creating my own lane.

What message would do you have for young ladies looking to be a part of this industry?
My message for young ladies getting into the industry is to always remain who you are and have tough skin. The industry will definitely break you if you can’t take the pressure. Always believe in yourself. Despite the industry being a male dominated world, you have to stand out and be different.

What’s next for Ceytra?
You never know what’s next for Ceytra. The future is filled with endless possibilities. Right now, I’m just focused on my upcoming project and making good music. I plan on taking the industry by storm and really dominating my brand and music. It’s time to give women a voice to speak.

Check out Ceytra’s new single “Good Enough” by clicking here.

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