Photographer turns men’s underwear designer (photos)

Eric PR Head shot Photographer and all-male modeling agency founder, Eric Ganison, has earned a new title: designer. He is designing a men’s underwear collection called APEEL Brand, which he calls comfortable, sexy underwear for all body types. Read what the designer has to say about his latest venture.

What made you create a male line of underwear?
It would take my mom to give you the full story of my fascination with underwear from my childhood. I have always been a fan of comfortable yet sexy underwear. It is just like wearing a nice tailored suit. I believe underwear gives you that same confidence of sex appeal. So, I wanted to create a line that gives guys that same feeling when wearing them.

How did you come up with the name?
During the time of coming up with the concept for the line, I asked myself what type of feel did I want the line to have. The only two words came to mine was sex appeal. So I changed the spelling of the word to “APEEL.”

How did you select the models for the campaign being featured?
When selecting the models for the campaigns, we look for sex appeal, variety of body types, and diversity.

What makes your underwear different?
Here are the three things that sets the APEEL brand apart … 1. The comfort. 2. The materials. 3. The price point.

What type of men did you target for this underwear line?
The APEEL product is geared toward men who desire to feel and look sexy.

What type of responses have you received from your product?
The responses to our product have been overwhelmingly good. People like the design of the product and the colors. The men that have purchased the product are pleased with the fit. In addition, women have purchased product for their husbands and boyfriends. They too have expressed excitement with the look and fit.

APEEL 2Thomas WR2

Where can people buy your product? What is the price point?
People can purchase the product on our website at The price points for APEEL are very affordable ranging from about $14.00- $34.00 for products.

What is next for Apeel?
Our plan is to launch the APEEL brand internationally. We are finally ready to share our product with the world. In fact, our first international photo shoot will be next month in the Dominican Republic. In addition, we will have some celebrities and athletes to participate in the upcoming campaigns.

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