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Will Serena Williams bring the catsuit back?

Serena Williams Instagram 10Serena Williams has won three matches already in pursuit of her third-straight US Open title, which would be her 18th Grand Slam title overall. She is motivated by many things and has always been a fashionista in the tennis world, wearing countless stylish ensembles.

Williams wore a leopard print outfit in her win Saturday against fellow American Varvara Lepchenko, and was asked if the outfit had any correlation with “Roar,” the hit single by Katy Perry that has played after her first three victories. “I love that song ‘Roar.’ I listen to it all the time. I love Katy Perry. I think it’s an inspiring song. I love the words to it. I think it’s great.”

This led to Williams being asked about one of the most memorable outfits she has ever worn in a tennis match, the catsuit! “We all loved the catsuit. At least I did.” I can guarantee that Williams was certainly not the only one who loved the catsuit. When questioned about whether she would wear it again, she responded “keep hope alive,” and also said that is still around. “I have all my outfits. I saw it the other day actually in my closet.” One might imagine that she has one hell of a closet! Williams then reflected on how it felt to wear the outfit. “That was over a decade ago, right? I don’t know. I was actually nervous because it hadn’t been done before.”

It hadn’t been done before, but I get the feeling that if Williams were to bring the catsuit out of the closet, there would be a sudden spike in male viewership of her match. Will she wear it? She is scheduled to play Kaia Kanepi in the early part of the afternoon, and eyes will certainly be glued to the television.


  1. butterbeanbabe on September 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    you will never catch people magazine ,cnn or fox sports focusing a story on a cat suit on serena we all know she is twisted as mariah and always REDUCING HER LEGACY TO A SEXUAL MISFIT… neither of them have the body like nicky minaj or kim k or pam anderson and should not be focusing their career on the body .. these women reduce their talents to mush . . and ignorant editorials like this are offensive to females . who know we dont love no athlete or songtress for the body parts and forgettting the talent that got them where they are .. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CELEBS SO BORED WITH ALL THAT MONEY AND NOW WANT ATTENTION . ITS ATTENTION HOG PARADISE TO BE ABLE TO GET ON THE COVER STORY OF THESE MAGAZINES TO SHOW YOUR BODY PARTS . .big butt , plastic surgery and payed assets serene is said to do steroids which explans her massive over side booty and big manly arm .. if that is sexy to some hand full of males ok fine BUT FOCUS ON YOUR CAREERS LADIES THAT THE ONLY LEGACEY WE WANT TO SEE SERENA LEAVE .. AUTHOR ASH WOULD NOT ROLL WITH THESE OUT FITTs she wears for attention her but is to big to be wear those draws underneath when she hit the ball all her asss is out .. that is not sports .. that showing her ass and making it look proper .. white folk cringe at her attire that feel embarrased for her but like her BLACK JUST FEEL SORRY FOR HER LIKE WE DO DUMB AZZ MARIAH …

    serena and venus need to stick to the game that is all that matters

    • Missyella on September 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      But it was not offensive enough for you to vent your frustration? If things bother you and are not important then move on…life is too short!!

      • butterbeanbabe on September 3, 2014 at 5:17 pm

        AND YOU need to mind your business cause MY opinion matters to someone , there are a lot of people who feel like i do if you did not keep it moving since your life is so dam short lol

        if that is your picture life is short with that face .. so you better go sky diving and mountain climbing fast . .cause this ocean is not available for you to swim in peace

        • Missyella on September 4, 2014 at 8:40 am

          Yes your opinion matters to you!!
          You chose you write on a Public Forum so what were you expecting someone not to read it and have their own opinion?
          My life is fine thank you…for asking and no, that Is not a picture of me, you chose to be personal and nasty with no valid reason, I guess that says a lot about you!!
          The image is actually of Alex Skarsgard and it should not matter if it was me or not and I am actually Female, you chose your Avatar, I chose mine!
          Stay happy, if you can!

          • sarah godwin on November 2, 2014 at 1:39 am

            Missyella, Exactly. It is head-scratchingly curious that some people jump on the internet with the most cockamamie, ill-informed nonsense and expect no one to refute them. LOL

          • Missyella on November 2, 2014 at 1:41 pm

            Am having heated battles on Facebook, with all the racists that seem to gravitate on her threads/posts,

        • sarah godwin on November 2, 2014 at 1:57 am

          Look, most people like it when Serena is beautifully AND Modestly dressed. However, I suspect some of her attire in the past may have had something to do with stupid racists blindly Pretending not to see her Ample, Womanly breasts and crazily calling her “manly.” She proved them wrong in showcasing her voluptuously feminine Curves in the Catsuit. But that just made the stupid racists angrier for being Proven wrong.

          Btw, it is not “PEOPLE” Magazine that Does “Swimsuit/Figure” type issues. It is the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue that does. And Serena appeared in it in Two different Years!

      • sarah godwin on November 2, 2014 at 1:44 am

        Missyella, Thank you for injecting sanity here.

    • sarah godwin on November 2, 2014 at 1:33 am

      ?!? Um , The great Serena Williams has had No “plastic surgery!” And Serena Williams took the maximum number of rigorous drug tests Allowed just last year (2013), one of her most dominant years on tour- Ever- and passed them all because she is NOT on steroids!

      Moreover, steroids drastically reduce breast tissue, but Serena Williams has the most Womanly figure – complete with Ample Womanly breasts- on the women’s tour. Watch youtube video, ” Serena Williams Does the Split.” See what pops out at you.

      Moreover, Venus and Serena believe the human body is a temple. They would be the Last people on tour to take that poison just for a mere “sports advantage.”

      In fact it is Eastern European women tennis players (like Maria Sharapova) who were Banned from tennis for PED use. Sesil Karantantcheva, anyone?

      And the irony for stupid racists ignorantly Trying to point the finger at the Clean, Naturally hard-working Williams Sisters? Sesil Karantantcheva, PED Cheat, “beat” a Clean, Naturally hard-working Williams Sister whose Official ranking UNfairly Fell as a result!

      As for “white people” allegedly “feeling sorry” for Serena!?!? Don’t make us laugh. The Entire World knows that some whites -including a brazenly demonically racist “umpire”- had jealously Cheated Serena out of Major match victories! See youtube videos of Serena vs Jennifer Capriati at the 2004 US Open.

      The cheating against Serena was so bad and so obvious and so Often that it changed Tennis History because Instant Replay had to be instituted because of it!

      And where fashion is concerned, Serena and Venus have much better credentials than most since they both formally Studied Fashion in College! And like most Real designers they have created a few designs that pushed the envelope and were not seen as everyone’s cup of tea.

      Serena’s designs (and Venus’s) have been more conservative of late, though. And Serena’s choice of dress at the recent 2014 Year End Championships in Singapore is absolutely Gorgeous. That yellow was beautiful next to Serena’s skin. The dress manages to be majestic, whimsical, and feminine all at once – like Serena herself.

      That’s in part because Any woman can work hard in a gym and acquire muscles in appendages, but No “masculine-looking” person is naturally going to have Serena’s voluptuous, womanly torso!

      • sarah godwin on November 2, 2014 at 1:43 am

        Missyella, you sound refreshingly rational.

  2. lonnie keys on November 2, 2014 at 5:03 am

    you dont see base ball players displaying a self design uniform on the field ,and even womnen on the swim teams swim wear can not show to much nudiity and abstract from the game . all serenes attire did is bought our thirsty black men whom never watch no tennis in the pass , white folks didnt mind the new fans .. all sports need a diversity of americans interested … but fact remain , there is a avenue you dont go down . when you a professional … a lot of young girls see her as a role model .. but her but hanging out and low cut tiddays poppin out is not sexy on no tennis court … serene william will never be sexy in a million year ,, megan good is sexy ,, beyonce is sexy ashanti is sexy . whoopie goldberg is oviously not so why would she come on the view in a low cut bra, or frolic on the beach in bikini . PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THEIR PLACE .. while serene dont look horrible , if you go on a beach you dont see a woman with a man body usually trying to be seen .. SHE HAS A MAN BODY SORRY AND WE DONT SEE THAT AS SEXY AS WOMEN . SOME MAN IN PRISON LOVE HER … MOST OF HER BIGGEST FANS ARE MEN .. IN THE PEN … THATS BEEN STUDIED
    im not saying shes not brilliant on the court she is , ,, im not saying whites aint hating on her they are ….. im not saying she isnt smart and can not design she does good // and she has some fashion sense too ..
    but my point remain .i think the idea of making her outfits tight and not fitting her masssive masculin frame professionally took away from the game itself .. i remember seeing her in a match , and i dont usually watch , but what made me look is her but was hanging out of that tiny stretch shorts , and breast keep floopin around , she may appeal to some men . but not women .. while there was no need for outrage she need to realize her leagacy will also include ther attire. no other tennis star has done that … sherapova was banned true . she wasnt good anyway her looks was all she had …… and still aint got that user boyfriend to marry her .. people got sick of her anyway ………….. god bless serena im a fan i want her legacy to be better than the last tennis star black tennis star at that ATHEA GIBSON ..I THINK HER NAME IS WAS THE ONLY BLACK TENNIS STAR THAT HAD NO ISSUES .. AND WAS A LEGACY authur ash had HIV .. but still a legend ..

    • Missyella on November 2, 2014 at 1:48 pm

      People need t know their place??

      Exactly where is that Place?..

      I am afraid you are sounding a little unhinged, Man’s body, because she has Muscles from years of being an Athlete.

      I think you will find that her Outfits are designed by Nike, and it is not her outfits winning her games for her! What the hell should that matter?…as For Men in prisons watching God.

      Go tell Serena to go play in a Burka, that may make you feel better

      I have read the rest of your diatribe and will not be responding again!

      And you make poor Arthur Ash getting AIDS from a Blood transfusion all those years ago, even sound bad.

  3. harrylime on December 5, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Don’t worry about what Sarah Godwin posts. She is a paid troll who spews her racist and delusional diatribes on every Obama and Serena Williams article she can find. She even upvotes her own posts. Please move along, nothing to see here.