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Kim Kardashian has beef with Rita Ora?


Was there bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards?

It sounds like Kimmy K still has no love for her little brother Rob’s ex-girlfriend. According to TMZ, Kardashian made it clear that she didn’t want to be seated near Ora. The reality star apparently didn’t want to make a scene or make it a big deal, but TMZ reports that she did ask producers to find her another seat.

Rob Kardashian has undergone public problems since he split from Ora, including drug abuse and massive weight gain. And several individuals in the Kardashian family circle seem to blame Ora for kick-starting the downward spiral. The couple split acrimoniously in 2012, with Rob blasting Ora via social media and the singer criticizing him in interviews. Kim has also recently been critical of another one of Rob’s exes, singer-actress Adrienne Bailon. Bailon stated in a recent interview that she regretted her relationship with Rob and hated the fact that she became associated with the Kardashian family.

As far as the VMA incident, producers eventually found a seat for Kim next to her little sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

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  1. butterbeanbabe on September 2, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    lol that is soooo funny rita messed that boy up . . rob Kardashian is a pscho an disaster tragedy waiting to happen . the kardashians shunned him like rita did so why talk bout rita … what do they expect the girl to do her career would have flopped If she stayed with him .. who do kim think she is there are a lot more people that don’t want to sit next to here is there people who don’t want to sit next to rita .. I wonder how many folks told the producers not to put them next to kim ? hummm /???
    while she talking
    rita is pretty sexy and talented kim is not … americans are still trying to figure out what the hell she get payed to do .. other than blow Kanye jeez