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Is Ciara back together with Future?

Ciara & Future - Breakup Cover

Last month, Ciara and Future’s dream life together ended when Ciara called off her engagement to Future just months after giving birth to their son, Future Zahir, amid rumors of infidelity. And though it seemed like the couple would never reconcile, rumors claim that the pair are giving their relationship another shot.

According to TMZ, sources close to Future say that he and Ciara are living together again and giving their relationship one last try for the sake of their 4-month-old son.

The sources claim that Ciara believes Future is a good father and that she wanted no parts of a co-parenting situation. Instead, she believes it’s best that they live together and reconcile so their son can have a united family.

Well, there’s definitely something to be said about choosing your own path and giving love a second try when you believe in it. We just hope Future and Ciara understand that staying in a relationship for the sake of a child isn’t reason enough to stay, especially when it will lead to showing the child a dysfunctional relationship at home instead of a happy and healthy one. We hope they’re doing this for their love of each other instead of the love of an idea of what they want their family to look like. – nicholas robinson


  1. Guest on September 4, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    well a man with 3 prior baby momas oviously said the same thing about the other 4 kids strolled around the states with no father and mother figures at home .future or ciara is no beyonce and jayz … and they need to understand that this is a serious matter of a man who can not committe you cant turn straw to cupcakes .. future is gott committment issues he wants to act like ciara is some big catch now . .that his future is on the line .. non of these women are

  2. butterbeanbabe on September 4, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    A MAN WITH 3 prior baby momas was the biggest redflag anyone should not ignore ciara has had no luck with men she has been disrepected by stoudmire an 50 cents used as a sexual object a freak .. and future is probably the first to show her shivery and care . but that dont excuse his rachett background women need to weight the options no matter how nice he is weight the odds of it workingo out . i know behind close doors men just say most is based on fantasy and lust
    women want fantasy so bad ,they usually ignore any ovious flags so deperate to have a man on their arm she started to compete with kim k . . kelly roland and lala all her so call buddies got a man some of them dig the bottom of the barrell to like KANYE WEST …. but yet still have a man . ciara though she could do this with future hes a hood thugg get real .. he want nothing now but a good resume in music he want to rub elbow with the jay z and get a music award something he aint got .. with ciara that vison is visable and like dwade .. he will hold on to a B STATUS STAR TO GET WHAT HE WANTS THE OTHER BABY MOMAS ARE NO BODIES OF COURSE THEY GOT DUMPED HE GOT .A GABBY UNION STATUS STAR AND HE AINT BOUT TO LET THAT GO NOW RIGHT NOW AT LEAST BUT as soon as he get a hair above on the upper level where he is presenting awards .. dining with the trumps he is gonna knock ciara right back to her knees
    i feel sorry for her cause she seem to be thinking he is worth salavation of the union
    he is not … if she like it we love it we like to see mudd slides lol … you cant climb up a muddy slop with water pouring from the top .. poor girl