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Migos accused of robbing promoters at gunpoint


Atlanta rap group, Migos, allegedly pointed guns at concert promoters in Evansville, Indiana, recently, after a scheduled performance that never took place. The trio was set to perform at the Evansville Coliseum, and were reportedly paid $11,000 upfront for the show. They were booked by entertainment company 41 South, but things did not go at all as planned, according to “WFIE 14” News in Indiana.

Migos never took the stage — but apparently still walked out of the venue with their money.

Group members Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset were expecting to be paid the remainder of their appearance fee at the venue. They took the $10,000 and when concert organizers attempted to stop them from leaving the coliseum without performing, the group allegedly pointed two rifles at them and left with the money.

No representative for Migos has spoken about the accusations as of yet and no charges of any kind have been filed.

Migos has been involved in other violent altercations recently. The group was caught on camera in a melee at a show in Nashville, Tennessee, last week; a brawl that was sparked after someone allegedly attempted to steal one of the group member’s chains.