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Kendrick Lamar sued for $1 million for uncredited sample


You would think rappers and producers would have learned their lesson by now. Almost always, if you sample someone’s song, they’ll end up hearing it…even if it is years later.

West coast rapper Kendrick Lamar is the latest to get caught.

Lamar’s springboard album, Section.80, contained a popular song called “Rigamortis” that was produced by Willie B and Sounwave. The 2011 song was so popular even Busta Rhymes jumped on the remix with a relatively unknown Kendrick at the time.

According to a report by TMZ, “Rigamortis” has just found its way to jazz musicians Eric Reed and Willie Jones III and the pair claim it contains a portion of their 2010 song “The Thorn.”

Reed and Jones have filed a $1 million suit against Kendrick, claiming to have never been paid or credited for their music. The suit also seeks full rights to the song and any profits generated from sales of the song.

Kendrick has yet to release a statement regarding this lawsuit.