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Sports » Michael Sam scores win over hateful protesters

Michael Sam scores win over hateful protesters

First openly gay football player is introduced by St. Louis Rams

Michael Sam has been the talk of the town for many reasons over the past few weeks, one of those reasons being because a Christian group planned to protest the Dallas Cowboys signing the openly gay player to their practice squad last week. And though the hate group made quite the ruckus about their plans to show the evil in Sam being signed by the team, reports claim that the protest never came to fruition.

Last week, we reported that a group of right-wing Christians led by GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman planned to protest Sam and the Cowboys Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

But according to NewNowNext, the protest never happened and Burkman’s social media accounts went silent yesterday.

However, counter-protesters did show up to show their support for Sam, which he posted about on Facebook. “I love being back in the great state of Texas!!! Love will conquer hate!!!!” wrote Sam in his status on Sunday night.

Michael Sam Supporters

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We’re happy that so many people are rooting for Sam and showing their support of his career. Hopefully, Sam will make his way onto the Cowboys’ 53-man roster and give fans something to praise for a long time to come. –nicholas robinson