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Reality TV » Momma Dee’s tooth falls out on camera

Momma Dee’s tooth falls out on camera

Momma Dee - Tooth Cover

Momma Dee has certainly had her fair share of on camera blunders, but none have been as shocking and jaw dropping as her most recent one, when the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star nearly lost her tooth during a performance.

In a video of Momma Dee’s single release party for her debut song, “I Deserve,” Momma Dee can be seen performing proudly in front of an Atlanta crowd. And though she’s all smiles at first, things take a drastic turn when Momma Dee’s front tooth falls out suddenly as she opens her mouth to sing.

Momma Dee - Tooth Photo

Thankfully, Momma Dee quickly puts her tooth back in and jumps back into her performance as if nothing happened.

After the clip went viral, Momma Dee addressed the blunder on Twitter and explained that she was proud of herself for handling the situation so well.

Momma Dee - Tooth Tweets

You’ve got to hand it to Momma Dee, she certainly is a trooper and one of the most fearless women in reality TV. – nicholas robinson