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Ray Rice cut by Baltimore Ravens after new video surfaces of him punching wife

Ray Rice, Rayven Rice, Janay Palmer

Ray Rice has been cut by the Baltimore Ravens. The all-pro running back was initially suspended two games after it was discovered that he knocked out his wife, Janay Rice, during an altercation.

However, TMZ recently released a new video that shows Rice arguing with his wife inside of an elevator. He hits her first and she retaliates by slapping him lightly. Rice then punched his wife with a left hook that sent her crashing to the wall of the elevator.

Janay was knocked unconscious. Rice can be seen dragging his wife without much regard as she was motionless on the ground. He was regarded as one of the best running backs in the NFL and even helped to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl in 2012.

He has yet to release a statement on being cut by the team.


  1. butterbeanbabe on September 9, 2014 at 2:40 am

    OF COURSE THEY GOT RID OF HIM AND SHOULD HAVE DONE IT THE FIRST TIME . they always riding with their bread and butter when it comes to beating up on a black woman or rapeing a black female .. you see how they dogged kobe bryant ,and oj simpson those were white women .. white people pay attention if the victim is white .. or puertio rican even .. chad ochochio didnt do evelyn half this bad but they still got rid of him cause she was light skinn not black … but rayrice wife must look a little to black .. im sorry but the nfl and nba .. are quilty of negligence .. and just like they dragged their feet getting rid of donald sterling …….. he was white thats why he should have been fired immediatly to . . THESE PLAYERS MEAN MILLIONS OF DOLLAR FOR THEM … THEY LOOSE MONEY WHEN THEY LET A GOOD PLAYER GO .. SO THAT WAS HARD FOR THEM TO DO … IF NOT THEY WOULD HAVE LET HIM GO THE FIRST TIME THEY VIEWED THE TAPE .. THEY SAW WHAT HAPPEN THEN .. BUT KNEW THE PUBLIC WOULD BE OUT RAGED THIS GO ROUND .. cause we got to see the whote thing .. covering up .. is what they did … i hope rice loose everything he has .. to us women football does not take previlence over human moral respect … . he drop the ball so he is OUT GREAT BOOK CLOSED

  2. butterbeanbabe on September 9, 2014 at 12:25 pm


    1. YARD LINE not taking appropriate actions when they first saw the tape cause to take any actions at all you would need to see the entire tape .. the hotel said they never asked for it so they only went by tmz video FAUL
    2. FUMBLE .. the NFL .. didnt care cause the victim was black and the assailiant was worth money to them
    3. OFFENSE .. the nfl offended many blacks.. by assuming its ok for a black man to beat a black woman and play ball with a light suspension
    4. LINEBACK .. the line goes back to the other 3 players recently in news for domestic violence .. why are these men beating their wives all black women
    5. FIELD GOAL .. the goal is to show black men are reallly monsters who should get what they deserve as long as the white man dollar is not effected ..the goal is to shut your mouth if we are letting you come back ..wait to see if the public uncover the truth if they dont were all rich and headed to the superbowl ???
    7. RUNNING BACK .. NFL KEEPS RUNNING back to the same old players with emotional issues and thug mentality dont want to spend the money on phschological classes for these men whom are under tremendou pressure to win games … that money aint easy they make and a wife and kids or fiance is needed to keep them out the streets with groupies and beating up on women . .but for ray that was not gonna work hes a beater period
    8. QUARTER BACK .. the nfl player are riding on the backs of all the offenders from pass oj simpson ray caruth , and all the dangerous players in a uniform they are worst than these cops the police academy is half training … with post tramatic stress disorder .. how do you train a fool a pscho??? a idiot
    9. TOUCH DOWN .. THE elephant in the room is the commissioner lieing to save face he put his foot right in his own mouth lieing about what they didnt do … they shouldd have let ray r go the frist time they LET CHAD OCHOCINCO GO WITHIN DAYS …. AN HE ONLY SLAPPED EVEYON LAZADO … HUH .. THAT IS THE SAME ROUTE THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEIN WITH RICE. ..
    AND THE MOST SICKING IS HIS NOW WIFE … SHE GOT SOME REAL ISSUES IN HER HEAD TALKING BOUT OUR FAMILY WILL SURVIVE THIS .. LADY YOU NEED YOUR HEAD CUT OPEN BRAIN EXAMINED AND PLACE BACK IN … A CHEATER IS NOT FAR FROM A KILLER .. AND AN ABUSER . NEXT TIME YOUR DUMB ASS WILL HIT A RAIL AND BE DEAD … and he will do it again right now he is an inferno and your ass is the blame .. so when no one is looking hes gonna do some major damgage to yoru dumb ass … if a dog bite you you burn him period.

  3. Justpitiful on September 9, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    The sad part of this is that the wife is coming out and saying the media ruined their life. No yo abusive husband ruined your life. I guess the money is worth more to her than a busted up face. Self esteem must also be in the toilet. Oh he beat me but he mean well. Yeah she that kinda chick. Girl he gonna love you to death.