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Min. Louis Farrakhan gives advice to the hip-hop community

Fredo Santana meeting Minister Farrakhan .

Fredo Santana meeting Minister Farrakhan .

In light of the country’s battle against racial profiling and and police brutality, including the murder of Mike Brown, Minister Louis Farrakhan called upon Chicago’s music industry to come together and provide a positive co-op for black artists.

He encouraged the artists to “look inside themselves and to their brothers and sisters” for assistance and project funding so that they could maintain independence and control over their content. Farrakhan also expressed that their talents need to be used for unity and to mobilize their communities for justice and peace instead of perpetuating rivalries.

There were numerous activists and popular hip-hop artists such as Talib Kweli, GLC, Malik Yusef, King Louie, Spenzo, and Fredo Santana who received the wonderful message.

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