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v: Idris Elba defines happiness

Mike Melendy

Cinematographer, photographer, and camera professional from San Francisco, California based in Hollywood.

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  1. butterbeanbabe on September 11, 2014 at 11:54 am

    god sure did a fantastic job with him …. ummm i think of a milk chocolate mocha cream pie .. lol . i mean this man is sooooo sexy to me my god where did he come from i loved him from when i saw him in american gangster .. i said BUMP DENZEL .. HIS ROLE WAS SHORT ..IREMEMBER BEING MAD THAT DENZEL SHOT HIM … LOL

    and denzel is my 2nd favorite finnnnnnn nigro .. so i was confused
    but mannnnn this man is unimaginable i would do just about anything for a dinner with him or hell just a few minutes to rub his feet lmaaao