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Adrian Peterson crucified for using old-school discipline?

Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson whipped his son with a switch because he pushed another one of his children off a motorbike video game. When I first heard about it I was like, “Big deal! He whipped his son! Here we go again with another pubic crucifixion of an African American male.”

Then I did a little research.

According to reports, the 4-year-old boy was hit 10 to 15 times, resulting in cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs, and one to the scrotum. It seems that the child didn’t cry during the whipping, which Peterson claims added to him not knowing the extent of the harm he was causing. After the whipping, and viewing the child’s scars, Peterson reportedly felt remorse.

He texted the child’s mother saying that he “felt bad after the fact when I notice the switch was wrapping around hitting I (sic) thigh.”

He also acknowledged the injury to the child’s scrotum in a text message, saying, “Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout. N save the whooping for needed memories!”

By all reports, when interviewed by police, Peterson was calm and matter of fact about the incident, saying that while he regretted some of the bruises, he felt he did nothing wrong and only used “whoopings” as a last resort when needed.

In another text to the mother, he said, ““Never do I go overboard! But all my kids will know, hey daddy has the biggie heart but don’t play no games when it comes to acting right.”

Now … what’s up with all the uproar?

From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem like Adrian Peterson is a child abuser. I can’t even say that he has a warped sense of reality that makes him believe wrong is right. It seems he’s a single father that spends most of his time on the gridiron, who was spending some summer time with his children when they got out of hand. It seems that he draws from his experiences as a child, compares that to the type of man he’s become, and executes the type of discipline that he believes played a role in his success. Is that right? It might not be.

Could he have used better judgment regarding a 4-year-old who was acting out of line? Probably. The fact that the child supposedly didn’t cry tells me that the whipping was not having the desired intent. It tells me that, like some frustrated parents, Peterson could have possibly added a few more licks, with a little extra somethin’ somethin’, to get the desired result … a child that physically showed the regret of wrong action.

Do I think Peterson was wrong in this case? Ehhh … the jury in my mind is still out. I’m not snapping off like Cris Carter did, though. My brother seems to be living with the trauma of a childhood that had it’s own unintended forms of abuse. As for me, I’ll wait to get a professional’s insight before I officially jump out the window with my opinion as my parachute. For now, though, I am willing to say to the world, cut the man some slack … please.

Adrian’s no doubt a prideful man. One that was raised by a strong father who used discipline to guide his son to athletic greatness. And while the number of children the single Peterson has tells me that he has an aversion to using condoms with women he sleeps with, by most accounts, he’s a stand up, old school, type of guy. He’s one whose work ethic and outlook on life reflect a time past … when morals, principles, and a strong handshake mattered more than money, adoration, and Instagram followers.

But still … I gotta go Arsenio on you and say, “Hmmmm.” Me thinks the world of social media, and the ‘make everything a headline’ society we live in today has gone even more overboard than Peterson. One thing is for sure though. This act, and the treatment of this act, when looked into deeply, says much more about society than it does about Adrian Peterson.

That’s not a closing statement … just an inconclusive opinion. Consider it my way of saying, “To be continued …”



  1. butterbeanbabe on September 15, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    while i agree there is a certain age a kid needs a spanking maybe 8 and up but really? adrian a toddler ? i dont think a black man spanking his son is gonna target the underline issues in our country a child has to face .. back in the day when my moma pulled out the belt, switch or shoe .. lol .. it was to teach us that we respect elders commands ,and do our home work and wash the dishes on our day … it was to teach us if she said dont leave out the yard with out permission and we did anyway you got your ass whippped for doing it and the older one who allowed it gets the switch and get whipped to. .. lol .but all jokes a side ,, this is serious in america cause the country banned punishment of this type adrian p knew this … he felt like if he gonna pay child support he ought to be able to beat the kid , a kid that age dont understand nothing the crime a child committes is growing up stuff , nothing to beat no body bout … you put them in time out and take away toys …. or put them to nappy early, kids dont like being put down for a nap outside of schedule giggle …
    adrian peterson has been set as an example of a bad charactere of man remember how that scolled him when his 3 year old was killed by the hands of his momas boyfriend .. yall forgot he was the same player . he was then baggered for having 5 baby momas ????? duhh now he beats his kid in his care … forgetting he lost one child to violence in the home … he was the last player should have been convicted of this crime …. you see adrian peterson is what white folks want to use to show how horrible of a parent or role model black men are .. if they aint laughing about rappers being bad role models like lil wayne always get laughted at and he has done a good job with his daughter …. so laugh on whities
    peterson abandoned his dead son he did nothing for the boy … but sent a check … now that he has one less kid to support … he should have drew closer to his other kids .. instead he showed anger over a petty thing a baby usually do … i quest if the child pooped in his pants he would have killed him .. . that would have been a tragedy … i dont trust a man who pays out all this money to babymomas then get kids occassionally cause that anger will spill over to the child it happens everyday .. a man kills his kids over paying child support …. peterson is an idiot you dot hit no baby like that with no switch know the child would show bruised , he had to have saw those bruised on the boy …. and probably cursed the moma out when she asked instead of calmly reasoning with her …. the mother should have been notified that he beat the kid period ….. he dressed the boy or the nanny dressed him .. and they knew he was bruised .. next time these other player know you dont hit no child that age they number one dont understand why they are being spanked .. and if your gonna do it hit them in the hand TIME OUT IS THE BEST PUNISHMENT FOR ANY CHILD UNDR 5

  2. butterbeanbabe on September 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I like the way this article is written above , it gives petterson so much more character than whats painted of him , his father hit him and he thinks his kids need the same type of discipline to be strong kids .. well many disagree we live in a different world than in the 70s when he was born, families struggled more , there was not time for miseducation in black homes . you only had one chance to get it right ,there were more two family homes then , now all his kids in 1 parent home due to his wreckless no condom wearing ,, i quest his dad for got that lesson to him .. you have to teach your kids to wear condoms to adrian .. and not just to clean your room .. i have a issue with his degree of punishment for the crime .. kiids fight grown men are pushing each other down on the foot ball field injuring each other on purpose like pit bulls in a ring . . but so thats right ? or a game hurting a man ? for the sake of a check ? i could get deeper but i want ..
    so any excuse he give counteracts the crime . you still dont need to whipp no 4 year old to this extent cause he want cry .. are you teaching him that boys dont cry and suck it up big boy at 4… thats a problem within itself … a lot of men dont cry cause someone hit them cause they did cry …… if that baby had cried he would have called him a sissy.. so the baby oviously been hit prior to that injury .. just this time the mother turned it in ..she probably warned him not to whip the baby ….. THIS IS A WIN FOR BABY MOMAS EVERYWHERE , THEY GETTHE CHECK AND A PAT ON THE BACK FOR TURNING IN AN ABUSER … WOW LIFE IS TOUGH ..
    MEN USE TO BRAG BOUT GETTING A WOMAN PREGNANT . NOW with abortions dam near vanishing and birth control not reliable … and condoms busting .. AND CHILDSPPORT LAWS DONE GOT VICIOUS . .TO THE POINT OF LOCKING YOUR ASS UP FOR NOT KEEP A JOB .. when you dont pay now the bill continue to total .. so men really think twice before getting somene preganant .. no more welfare checks means someone has to foot the bill ? ok end of story .. nice he spends time with them but he SURE DO HATE IT FROM HIS ACTIONS

    • mwashington on September 19, 2014 at 4:15 pm

      Please stop making Adrian seem like what he did was acceptable means of discipline! A child should be cherished and loved, not beaten to a point where visible scars have afflicted his skin! That’s child abuse PERIOD! Please do not try and make this grown mans actions seem acceptable because its not PERIOD! You can spank a child to get your point across but beating your child which I’m positive Adrian did to his son has no credence whatsoever with raising him to be a strong, positive man. Black people always trying to make a negative behaviors acceptable when in fact its primitive! I’m a black man but I would never, ever, whip my child to a point where he or she has visible scaring – its totally unacceptable! His son is a child not a grown man, and I notice with a lot of Black men they try and rear their sons like men when in fact, they are children! Let your children be just that, he’s not a man, he’s a young boy that is going to get into trouble, but rather than beating him, use another form of discipline. I think we a lot of black people, slavery has damaged us so much until we are basically repeating what the white masters used against us daily to obey. We’ve been scared as a people and we don’t even know it! Adrian should be afflicted with some form of punishment for beating his loving son that way! Just like he was trying to demonstrate to his son by beating him, Adrian needs to be discipline too. He needs to learn that slavery is over, and your child is to be loved and treated as such! So from my perspective, Adrian deserves everything that’s happening to him as I type this. Maybe he will grow up and realize that hey, there another way to discipline my child rather than beating him silly! Grow Adrian, grow up!!!!! Real men do not hit their wives and children and that’s real talk!