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How Adrian Peterson shed light on the cultural divide of child rearing

adrian peterson
Adrian Peterson will miss his second game with the Minnesota Vikings. The All-Pro running back was deactivated indefinitely by the team due to child abuse charges that stem from him spanking his son, 4, with a switch.

The incident has caused the Vikings to lose a major sponsor, Nike has stepped away from Peterson as an endorsor and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton weighed in by calling for Peterson’s immediate suspension.

While the outcome of Peterson’s child abuse case could take months to be determined, Peterson’s decision to spank his child is divided culturally and among racial lines.

Charles Barkley recently defended Adrian Peterson by suggesting that “every black parent in the south” would be arrested if spanking a child with a switch was a crime.

Barkley was the first national figure to inject race into the discussion and he was correct in his observation.

Traditionally, black parents have a deep concern for their kids that goes beyond the act of a child misbehaving in the moment. Black parents want to instill discipline early in their children because they realize that most of society will treat undisciplined blacks differently.

Even the perception of an undisciplined black person can lead to injury or untimely death.

This past summer, several unarmed black men have been murdered by police because authorities viewed them as undisciplined. These black men were not a threat to society or the law enforcement when they were killed, their biggest crime was showing a lack of discipline.

Eric Garner was murdered by a police officer for allegedly selling cigarettes; John Crawford was murdered by police because he held a toy gun in Walmart; and Mike Brown was murdered by police because he was initially walking in the middle of the street.

Most white parents will never have to worry about their children being murdered by police for a minor offense or perception of being undisciplined. White parents have the freedom to allow their children to make mistakes without harsh ridicule. When time-outs and groundings fail to work for unruly kids, white parents will often have their child put on medications that will keep them calm.

Instead of keeping an unruly child sedated, black parents traditionally believe that spankings are the best way to keep a child in line so that he or she remembers that there are consequences to bad behavior.

Peterson may or may not have went overboard when whipping his child with a switch. But it’s apparent that he initially chose to discipline his child out of love.

Peterson and most black parents would rather punish their child first before society or law enforcement view them as an undisciplined threat.


  1. glaciergirl88 on September 18, 2014 at 10:46 am

    I agree ….soo true. Thank you for your insightful article

  2. Brian on September 18, 2014 at 11:26 am

    Thanks for this article. More influential people need to speak up in Peterson’s defense.

  3. Nigg.Newton on September 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

    NOT ME…child abuse has NO COLOR…

    A.P. is not a CHILD ABUSER, he is a passionate father with a STERN DISCIPLINE POLICY…he is raising boys…So I will give him the benefit of PARENTING.

  4. butterbeanbabe on September 20, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    the man was raised in a country town ,where black folks still whip kids … its got nothing to do with no slave mentalitiy as some has said .. someone linked it to slavery , ….that was a dumb thought .. black boys are often raised in one parent homes and lack correct suppervision and the first thing they know about correction is the correction officer they get .. wnen out of jail! so spare me the lala talk about , why boys need not be spanked .. its a form of correction . .you correct what you know they are doing that may be dangerous to them later in life …
    i come from a spanking background , my mom use to whip us but its hard raising kids so you have to spank them to get them dispipline and ready for a tough world that aint gonna be kind to them at all ..
    look how many boys been killed for bucking the police some of them were rude and smart mouth refuseing to comply… we teach them to not be shoved around in stead of teaching them to obey the law ., we want them to defend their wife and kids ,but yet dont break anylaws .. .but what we should teach them is that the world is a eveil place and you have to be the lesser man sometimes . to get what you want . you will rise above them ……….and be what they didnt expect you to become .

  5. butterbeanbabe on September 23, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    if black boys were spanked like they should be there would be no ray rices , ray caruths born ., a child was not born violent .. they were raised without good judgment and disreguard for human life .. BREAKING IT DOWN BELOW……

    DOES ANY OF THESE TENDENCIES FITT YOUR CHILD ??> GO GET THEM HELP NOW .. or you will be sorry later when they are in prison for life , on death row , or in the grave … her are personality issues

    1. RAPIST .. had no respect for girls at a young age hitting pushing sexual assaulting teacher , or girls pinching but pulling breast , taliking down on girls ….

    2. MURDERERS… bullys at school , killing or abusing animals , and bitting kids ,

    3 .BURGULERS .. ARM ROBBERS … use to steal from stores with no punishment for it , parent help them steal out of walmart . stole kids tennis shoes and items , dirty room …split personallity

    4. WOMAN ABUSERS .. beat up girlfriends in college and elementary and high shcool

    hit their own sisters and mothers , stole shit , lied spit on someone before …

    5. DOPE SELLERS .. one parent home father in jail ., mother on crack , had to hustle to eat when a child , mothers prostituted . and no parental guidance 50 CENTS AND JAY Z

    6. VIOLENT TEMPER.. .. bullys in school . quite, mean wnen young , anger at mother for someting

    7. SOCIAOPATHY … bully, popular, loud , want to be famous for somting , prankster , gangster , love to have lots of girlfriends , show off .. get job young , conning adults l, big liers . mental issues .. bi polar .. attention deficent disorder , temper issues

  6. butterbeanbabe on September 23, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    SO PETERSON DID NOTHING WRONG .. he is assuring the child knows he cant get away with shit ,kids start being ungrateful young stop giving them ipod costing as much as a car , make them work for what ever they get .. single mothers are really raising monsters they dont whipp their boys they give them iphones and shite to make them happy .. til they realize that dont work . . we need to start raising our boys better if that mean whippin they ass so be it