Mathew Knowles has 2nd love child?

Beyonce: Beyond The Red Carpet

Another day, another secret Mathew Knowles baby.

Knowles, 63, father and former manager of superstar Beyoncé and singer-songwriter Solange Knowles, reportedly has a fourth child. A new report claims that former model TaQoya Branscomb has a child that DNA tests have shown is Mathew’s. The test results were reportedly that the child is 99.9 percent likely Knowles’ offspring.

There isn’t much information currently regarding the child, other than the fact that it belongs to Knowles; though there are reports that the child is a little girl. This, of course, is the second time Mathew Knowles has fathered a child that he apparently wanted little to do with.

In 2010, Mathew Knowles fathered another child, outside of his marriage to Tina Knowles, with an actress. Knowles was forced to pay $12,000 a month in child support to that son, Nixon, until he was fired by Beyoncé. No longer the manager of one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, the judge reduced his monthly payments to $2,485.

Tina filed for divorce shortly after it was confirmed that Nixon was Mathew’s son. They had been married for 31 years.

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