Mila J: ‘I’m Just a regular person with a different job’

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Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with up-and-coming artist Mila J. You might have heard her hit song “Smoke, Drink and Break Up,” receiving radio air play and on iTunes. It’s a part of Billboard’s Top 40.

A Los Angeles native, Mila J, has three siblings, including Def Jam artist Jhené Aiko, her younger sister. She first came into the spotlight when she was featured  in Prince’s video for the song, “Diamonds and Pearls,” in 1991. Also, in the ’90s, she was a member of the three-girl dance group, Innocence. The dynamic trio were selected as back up dancers for the group Immature. Later, the group was signed by Chris Stokes and had a deal with the MCA label.

With her first love being music, Mila J is launching a solo career. She’s now signed to Motown Records. Here, you can learn more about this rising star and her new album M.I.L.A. (Made In Los Angeles).

What was the inspiration to your ‘hit song’ “Smoke, Drink and Break Up”?
An ex! Of course, a past relationship I was in. We’ve broken up now, but at least I got a song out of it. Me and him are still cool, but it is what it is.

What makes you stand out from the rest of the artists out today?
Primarily, I’m doing me … Mila J. I’m not really trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. I’ve always been a dancer. I came up as a dancer actually. I know that I really miss that in entertainment. Just to be all around performing, so I just want to get back at it. I want to add to those lists of greats like: Janet Jackson, TLC and Prince. I just really want to add to that list as being a great performer.

When your fans listen to your music, how do you want them to interpret it?
I personally want them to be able to connect with it. Because, I feel like it comes from a real place and other people are able to relate to it. Like, weather it’s a happy song or a sad song; just them feeling like it’s coming from a really genuine place. I’m excited this time around. I was able to write a lot. So, I feel like the connection now is going to be a lot different this time around. Everything is coming from me and my experiences and my voice. I just want my fans to just be able to connect to me. I’m just a regular person with a different job.

Mila J’s first debut album titled M.I.L.A. is set to release this year so be on the lookout!

Download “Smoke, Drink and Break Up” on iTunes now.

–dana williams

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