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Chris Brown addresses his weight gain: ‘I was scared to go out’


When Chris Brown was released from prison back in July after serving 90 days for violating his probation, fans noticed the R&B star had packed on considerable weight during his stint behind bars. The singer recently spoke about his incarceration and revealed his embarrassment at having packed on the pounds while in jail.

“My normal weight is like 180,” Chris Brown told Mario Lopez of “Extra.” “I was 215 when I got out of jail. After that I was so conscious, I couldn’t even fit my jeans, none of my clothes. I was scared to go out, I was like ‘Man, people gonna see me, I look fat.’ So after a while, I went and played a lot of basketball, a lot of cardio. Then I did the ‘New Flame’ video, we rehearsed for that, the BET Awards, couple other shows. I was just always dancing, always dancing, trying to get my body back in shape.”

Brown explained just how much he’s grown and says that he’s moved on from the sometimes self-destructive behaviors that often got him into legal trouble and made him a mainstay on gossip blogs for the past several years.

“[It was] a humbling experience,” Breezy says. “It was definitely one of the things I’ll never forget. I think for me, it’s now about what’s the purpose and what’s the goal that Chris Brown as a person and Chris Brown as an artist is trying to portray. And with me, it’s always been positivity, but now it’s more of not just speaking it into existence but actually doing it.”

“Nobody’s invincible,” he adds. “No amount of celebrity status … can deter you away from the real if you make a mistake. Nobody is excusable. It was a humbling experience for me to become a man and mature.”


  1. Noff Memphis on September 23, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Good for dude.

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