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‘ANNABELLE’ haunts Jekyll and Hyde in Times Square


Warner Bros. Pictures hosted a special VIP event in celebration of their upcoming horror film Annabelle. Hitting theaters Oct. 3, Annabelle is the story of a demon-possessed doll and an unofficial prequel and spin-off to The Conjuring, which was released last year. The event was as perfectly creepy as they come, complete with back passages into the venue, a hall adorned with candles, and a real-live El Curandero (shaman) there to ward off any evil spirits afoot.

“We were traveling all over the country, and really strange things have happened,” explained one of the Warner Bros execs. “Someone with us left some materials in a hotel room, and when they went back to the room, they couldn’t get in and when they did the materials were on the other side of the room.”

Against a backdrop of coffins and medieval torture chambers, attendees were treated to drinks and hors d’oeuvres and got to see the fearsome Annabelle doll’s unveiling. Fans took pics of the spooky doll, as Tony Amendola, who stars in Annabelle as Father Perez, shared his enthusiasm for making this movie.

“It’s a terrifyingly entertaining film that operates on many levels,” Amendola explained. “On one hand, it’s entertainment, on the other hand it’s another chapter in the ongoing battle between good and evil. I play Father Perez who thinks … the young couple who visits him have a psychological problem, at first. Only later does he realize that the problem might be a demon. It’s a wonderful film because if you know anything about the beliefs of demons, they operate on three levels: the first level is the infestation, the arrival. The second level is oppression — which is basically [when] things begin moving and all hell breaks loose. The third one is the attack; the actual attempt at a kind of possession.”