John Grant, CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc., talks mission, purpose

John Grant 100 Black Men

Please describe your role as CEO.
I oversee the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the organization.

What is the mission of your organization?
To provide support and improve the quality of life for African Americans, youth in particular, in the Atlanta community.

How do you approach business challenges?
One always has to have a sense of the direction of the business climate and trends. That is primarily driven by the needs, wants, and desires of the consumer. We spend a great deal of time in conversations with our partners to assure that we are attuned to those things they see as important.

How do you evaluate talent you are hiring and what are the skills that you are looking for in this marketplace?
I look for a history of achievement throughout their life, not just their professional career. There is something about a person who has been able to do a lot with a little. It demonstrates creativity and self-motivation.

What are the top three benefits of being a member of your organization?
1. Being able to give your time talent and resources to create opportunities for others
2. The sense of working with people committed to a common purpose
3. Being a part of something greater than yourself

How do you utilize technology to give yourself business advantages?
I am a technology buff. So we assure that we give our people the tools to assure that they can be connected at all times. We also are constantly evaluating our current systems to make sure that we maximize our ability to be relevant and swift.

What technological advances have you used to communicate with your membership?
We utilize a membership management and communication system known as Membee.

What are the two key factors for business success?
1. Vision
2. Planning

Name your three favorite business books for insight and inspiration?
Good to Great
Never Eat Alone

If you were giving a speech to 500 workers about skill sets needed in the future to remain relevant, what would the title of your speech be and why?
“Be Bold with Your Life” We all have a purpose for our existence. You are where you are as a part of following that life purpose. It is a stop along the way and you are there to learn something that is preparing you for your next stop.

Describe your leadership style.
I consider myself a coaching leader. I enjoy watching people develop into their best person.

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