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Beyoncé moving to Paris?


Are Jay Z and Beyoncé looking to make a permanent move overseas?! Following the culmination of their famed “On The Run” tour, the musical couple were spotted house hunting in Paris, France.


On Thursday, Bey and Jay along with their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, seemed to be on the market for a home away from home when they visited a large estate in the upmarket neighborhood, after posting pictures from a recent family excursion to the Eiffel Tower.

If purchasing, the Carters would neighbor the Elysée Palace residence of the president of France. We’d expect nothing less from the pair!

Prior to their “On The Run” tour, the power couple, consistently shadowed by breakup rumors, sought rest and relaxation at a rented mansion in the exclusive enclave of Bel Air for a whopping $200,000 reports Variety.

Must be nice!

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  1. butterbeanbabe on October 4, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    well with jayz age its time for him to get out the rapp game people are beganning to blame him for beyonce concerts flopping .. i honestly think he is too old to be out there pants dropped trying to be sexy ..its just time to hang it up for real ,thanks for giving old men courage but if rev run can give it up so can you .. .. go preach do something else . beyonce will be there if this is tru love and not some money venture you two have hatched up . it would be hard for her to give him up after 10 years ad a business partner he has been great .. but its time for her to renew .. that means find another man . and get some fresh new looks .. lol …………………………. thats why i dont believe in marriage i think it stunts your growth .. you have to grow at your own pace not cause the world is having babies , smoking weed , and being all under each other .. women are taught they need a man at an early age . you see uncle george and aunt bessie and think that gotta be you .>> huh ?/ you aint gotta do shit you dont feel like is you ….
    marriage is not for every one .. . people should marry at 54 and up to live yourl if . and not look back and have regretts of spending those years with a fool who turn around and say bye bye ..after you dont put in your life bank time.. lol

    i dont believe in marriage .just shack up if you want someone to smell your dirty underwear or lay under your arm pitts every night hearing loud farts etc .. every nite .. or cook a meal for that they hardly appreciate . , half the time , people dont see each other much due to work , and committments so .. it comes down to someone on paper bound to bury you no one is gonna sit on the porch drinking lemonade together that is the lie you been told as a child ..
    SO I HOPE BEYONCE REALIZE SHE NEED TO BE HAPPY FOR HER SELF NOT JAYZ AND BLUE … family is nice to have , but tugging a child around the world can not be fun .. or the same old man in your face telling you your schedule is not cool or love .. thats a business deal to me .. .
    lets see how this play out , i predict beyonce gonna snapp one day .and want to get rid of jayz