Pastor Keion Henderson talks community, faith and ‘Preachers of Houston’

IMG_0379Name: Keion Henderson

Title: Pastor of Lighthouse Church

Have you always wanted to be a pastor?

I was actually pastoring a church while I was in college and at the same time I was pursuing a basketball career. My coach would let me leave practice to go teach Sunday school and during my junior year, he told me that I had to make a choice. Of course I decided to go with basketball like any 20-year-old person would do. I like to say that I was chasing the million dollars and not the million souls, but the day that I decided to pursue my basketball career I tore my ACL. I like to say that God had to cause a shift in my knee to cause the shift in my mind.

What helped to inspire your church name?

I came up with the name of the church while I was surfing the internet because the circumstances following my life during the initiation of the ministry was tumultuous at best. I was looking for some sort of comfort, so I typed in a bunch of words and a picture came up of a lighthouse and a man standing with his hands in his pocket with the ocean raging around him. This image became the substratum of my concept for the church. I automatically knew that I wanted to teach others how to stand in the eye of the storm with their hands in their pockets with the assurance that God is going to bring them through.

Why is it so important for you to give back to the youth?

During the onset of this ministry I made everyone aware that my focus was on the youth. If you look to the Bible when they tried to annihilate the Jews, they came after the children first and the enemy is doing the same thing in our community. This is a place that we want all of God’s people to come and be able to access the facilities and use it for the glory of God. Be it our school or our daycare, I want our community to understand that we are to worship in this building but not worship the building.

Tell me why you chose to host the Lighthouse Church blood drive?

There are so many people who are not just dying from a debilitating disease but they are dying because there’s not enough donors with the blood type that they need. When you think about it, Jesus was the ultimate blood donor because he gave his blood to save us and we wanted to give our blood to help save others.

What’s your opinion on “Preachers of L.A.?”

Oddly enough, I was asked to be a cast member for “Preachers of Houston” but I declined. I know bishop Noel Jones and I have nothing against those pastors because I understand what they are trying to do. Bishop stated that “he did it to relax people’s perceptions of the clergy” but I don’t think that it’s my job to show the world that I am human because people don’t come here because they want to see me as human. They come because they feel that I have a divine connection with God. I know what I am called to do and my job is to show people Jesus Christ and the way that television edits certain things might give a different perception than I was intending to give. So instead of giving someone editorial power over my conversations, I’d rather you get it from the horse’s mouth.

Tell us about your upcoming events.

As you know, Meals on Wheels feeds three hot meals a day to seniors and we are going to join them to feed hundreds of seniors this coming year on our fifth anniversary.  The number five in the bible is the number of grace so our P.R. team at Thinkzilla teamed us with the inner faith ministries of greater Houston and we decided that what better way to celebrate or anniversary than getting people together to say grace over a meal. I will also be going to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, to preach with Pastor Donnie McClurkin and host of other leaders in the ministry.


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Check out Pastor Keion’s blood drive pics below.

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Alexandria Green

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