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NFL great Warren Sapp slams Rick Ross


At this point rapper and Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross should be used to people calling him a liar.

With his chosen stage name, the “Hustlin'” rapper has been in many people’s bull’s-eye since his 2005 debut. The latest person to call him into question is retired NFL great Warren Sapp.

The Hall of Famer and longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers player recently stopped by the “Sway In the Morning” show. Ross’ name came up and when asked about a long rumored $100k wager on the Super Bowl between he and Rozay, the always outspoken Sapp spoke freely:

“How many times have you known Ross to lie? Anytime since he been out, when have you known Ross to lie?… The correctional officer part. … Come on, man. Ross is messing with how I feed my family. I can’t be associated with known gamblers. I’m sitting on the stage with him because I’m hosting a party he’s coming through. So he’s yelling at me, ‘Yo, Sapp I got some dudes over in Brooklyn. Ima hit them for $100,000.’ I’m like, “Don’t bet that Ross.’ He goes out. TMZ is following him with cameras, so he conjures up a lie.”

At another point in the interview Sapp says he replied to a picture Ross tweeted regarding the alleged bet without reading the entire message. Sapp says does not gamble in form or fashion. He then goes on to warn listeners to not believe everything they see posted on social media.