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Judge Lauren Lake on living a life without limits

Judge Lake Paternity Court 1 If you look up the word multifaceted in the dictionary, below the meaning of the word, there is a picture of Judge Lauren Lake. It also goes for the words boundless and limitless. Judge Lake wears many hats including judge, singer, interior designer and author. Right now, viewers can see her on season two of “Paternity Court,” where she helps people fill the holes that come with not knowing their father. Her immense compassion for those in her courtroom is due to the love and acceptance she received from her own father. Now she plays an important role in freeing people from the mystery and deceit that often occurs when individuals do not know their entire family.

Judge Lake spoke to rolling out about her work and how to live a life without limits.

How did you determine your career path?
I was blessed with parents who encouraged me to pursue all of my passions, which was great because the only requirement I had was to bring home good grades. As long as I was bringing home the As, I could do play practice, join the cheerleading squad, girl scouts or whatever else I wanted to do. I could do it all as long as I held up my end of the bargain. And when I think of the kind of multifaceted life I lived as a child, I just carried it all into my adult life.

When I use to be in law school, I use to sing in a band and that helped me make extra money to pay my way through law school. So I began to have this life where I was practicing law, singing and then when I added designer into the fold, because I’ve always been a creative person and loved designing. My best friend and I were saying that every time we hang together, all we do is spend money — we decided to figure out how to make some money. We both had a passion for design, and we started by taking on weekend design projects together, then started a small business. Who knew that business would grow into a full service design business that would ultimately lead to me having a show on HGTV.

I tell people all the time, it’s about riding the wave of life, stepping out on faith — just trying something on faith and letting it take you and lead you where it does. My career path was not something I set out as a little girl and wrote out. I just felt like I just wanted to shine in some way. That’s what I tell people,’ keep shining, do what you do, be you and your natural glow will show.’

What inspires you to show to work every day?
When you talk about paternity court, there are no small claims. People come in our court carrying years of shame and confusion, years of dysfunction. And they come into our courtroom needing to know the truth. We help people overcome their obstacles. Even in this instance, they are learning to live a life without limits, because the limits in our life present themselves in different ways. For some, it’s what we think we can do and what we can’t do. For others, it’s a secret or some type of shame that makes us limit ourselves and we feel like we can’t go on until we get the truth.

I’m helping everyday people overcome what they deem to be their limitations.

And even things they don’t know is their limitation, and it’s an honor. That’s what makes me get up every day. I know that I can be a catalyst, I can be a tool that helps people understand that it’s never too late to begin again, and that life’s not over. Life is all about living and living well.

You often give people in your courtroom life advice, what are some important factors to life success, as you see it, and why?                     

  1. Live life limitlessly. Take the limits off. Don’t allow other people to limit you.
  2. Identify your passion or your life’s purpose. Work hard on identifying that. I don’t think people spend enough time thinking about the gifts that they feel they can give to the world. That’s really what it is. Our lives should be in service to others. Our gifts should help serve others and the greater good. We all have that gift.
  3. Remember, faith without works is dead. That means you can believe it, but you can’t just wait on the Lord, sometimes the Lord is waiting on us to do something. And although patience is a virtue, we’re talking about patience while moving. Life is about living and living is an action word.
  4. Be authentic. Learn exactly who you are. That’s how you will learn what your passions are, because people will place their dreams on you, but that doesn’t mean that’s the dream for yourself.

Talk about current or upcoming projects.
Season two of “Paternity Court” has debuted. I’m working on my book, Lauren Lake’s 100 Laws of Limitless Living, where I’m going to be talking about a number of the anecdotes and things that I say on the show. People want to hear more of those things and my thoughts on how to live a great life. So I’m working on the book right now, trying to wrap it up.

Lastly, I recorded a new single called “Limitless.” It’s an anthem about living a life with no limits. The song will be available on iTunes soon. I’m also touring the country spreading the word about limitless living on the Limitless Living Empowerment Tour. I want to spread the word that we can live a life without limits, and that’s what we should do.

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